Hey there.
Lelouch here. You might know me as Lelouch vi Britannia or Zero or maybe you know me as a student from Ashford. However you know me doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here.
Please respect me and the other guest. I will not tolerate any rude behavior towards myself or my guests.
PM me and I'll get back to you soon, unless I'm off with the Black Knights or at school.
Have Fun.

*fail* Old contest results....

Ok...So I had this contest forever ago...And I mean foever ago...
Both of my winners picked Suzaku...
1st place:Kc Inoue
External Image
And second place:sasoriofredsand
External Image
Nice job both of you. Points will be awarded to fans....ect.
P.S. You're getting really close to the next level now Ushio

Apology to you

I apologize for my long disappearance.
I have been extremely busy. School...The Black Knights.
It's amazing I have not gone insane.
More details later.
Oh and if you have not turned something in for my contest please so do because I think I want to end it soon....
And really quickly if you could do me a favor...
Comment here if you are a fangirl of myself.....So I can make sure I have everyone on my list. I would list everyone myself but I don't want anyone to feel bad if I missed them.
I'm going to post promotions soon and that is why I would like to make sure I have my list correct.

Contest idea?

Hmm....so I've been thinking... We need some of the other people from my show to get on here right?
Well as a contest I was thinking that you all should make a piece of art or wallpaper depicting who you want to join the host club. Whether it be Suzaku, Rivalz, Llyod or even.....*grummbles* one of my brothers....
Whom ever you would like to see join the host club.
I would like a small paragraph in the description to why they should join...

So...What do you think? Should I make this into a contest for you lovely ladies? (of course the winner would recieve fan points)

Valentines Day results.

First of all I would like to thank everyone who sent me a gift or wished me "Happy Valentines Day". *smiles*
So... Here's how my Valentines day occured...
I woke up early to make Nunnally a special meal and gather up the chocolates I bought her. I wanted it to be truely special.
But then of course C.C. demanded her chocolate....So I gave her a small box.
(we in Area Eleven...aka Japan..have long since dropped the old Valentines and White day thing)
So. My day was going perfectly according to plan until Milly and the rest of the student council dropped by....=.=
They decorated the student council room and dragged me over there for a Valentines party.
It was kind of fun, but for some reason Shirley kept ignoring me. She would turn red and run away. Odd right?

Then Milly started running around shooting people with her "cupid darts" which were those little arrows with the suction cups on them.
She told us we had to dance with whomever she "cupided" for us...
She hit me first right in the middle of the for head and then shot Shirley...So we had a nice dance together.
The funniest part was when she shot Rivalz and then accidently hit Arthur. So Rivalz danced with a cat. I could tell he was so upset, since he wanted to dance with Milly.

Then today during school.(I'm not an American so I don't have a President's day. ^ ^)
I opened up my locker...And out spilled a pile of chocolate...*sigh*
How was your Valentines Day?

Happy Valentines Day

Well just popping by quickly to wish all my fans and all those who are not fans...
A wonderful Valentines Day!
^ ^
Hope it's a good one.