Hey there.
Lelouch here. You might know me as Lelouch vi Britannia or Zero or maybe you know me as a student from Ashford. However you know me doesn't matter. All that matters is that you're here.
Please respect me and the other guest. I will not tolerate any rude behavior towards myself or my guests.
PM me and I'll get back to you soon, unless I'm off with the Black Knights or at school.
Have Fun.


.....Guess who beat Naruto in the voting for best Character? *smirks*
I Lelouch did.
I was not expecting to be nominated at all... v.v;;; But I was...and I was up against Naruto.
I was surprised I won... ._.; I'm not really that popular.
....I guess it's because Naruto is so...*smirks* annoying.

Virus -_-;

Britannia gave me another virus....That's my theory anyways...
But this time....it completely trashed my whole system...
Nina tried to fix it for me....but alas....my poor computer died.
And now....I've finally gotten a hold of a brand new computer.
WITH super virus protection. -_-;
But other than that....life is normal.
How is everyone else?

I'm Back

I have returned. I'm exhausted. We lost many...
I'm too tired to post more. Just know I am safe.
I'll try to explain myself later.

Something has come up

and I will be away for a while. It's top secret...so I cannot say anymore. I'll tell you all about it when I return.
Becareful everyone...

Home at last

Well I made it home safe from China.
I got in really late last night, so sorry I did not get on sooner. How is everyone doing?
I met with the empress and we planned an attack on Britannia. There was not any real trouble except on the way home when we were attacked. But we escaped with out any serious injuries.
I did get to go site seeing a little bit. The Empress had one of her men show the Black Knights the Great Wall and a few other sites. It was quite nice.
But I'm really happy to be home.