My mother died 10 years ago today.... and when she died that day me and her got in a fight only a few hours before.... i told her to go die.... now i wish i could take it back... i was 9 then.... im 19 now on a better track then where i was.... all i wish i could do is tell her im sorry... i know its a little to late to be mourning but who wouldnt be mourning when your only best friend died.... i love you mom... i wish i could hug you one more time....


go ahead hate me everyone else does i was told to do something and i do what i am told. It is an instinctive thing i do my fucking bad dear fucking lord i FUCKING HATE YOU ALL


Yes i know i am hated by a lot of people just because Drake decided to be an asshole and start shit with me.... WELL to burst you bubble i dont give a flying fuck... -_- hate me if you want you wouldn't know if i was amazing if your life depended on it.... HATE me all you want because i do not care anymore... if i don't come on chat don't worry about me....


nobody worry about me im gone for good

Um yeah

I know no one reads my things but if you don't hear from me ever again don't mind it i'm probably dead or slowly dying....