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Tagged By SakuraDust:

1. Be honest now, how much would you last in a zombie apocalypse?
Hmm............I think I would last pretty long if we didnt have to run up stairs

2. Are you still waiting for the perfect one to deeply fall for you despite your flaws, or you're having a more realistic approach on love?
Im definitely not looking for the Deeply In love thing I just want a regular Nerd Girl

3. If you were to replace an aspect of yours (personality or looks), what would that be?
I would change my eye Color to Green and Bllue

4. If you were to live in anime as the character you imagined yourself to be in that universe what anime would it be? Give a idea or more about your character too.
I would like to end up Bleach Or One Piece. My character would be strange, Dark and Fun

5. Do you accept fliers?
It depends if theres money stapled to it

6. Ever been to one of those parties where people pass out and revive just to drink more?
No :D
7. How much can a slice of cake stay in your fridge till you eat it?
2 maybe 2 and half days cake is good

8. Do you like big, sophisticated guns or prefer something more practical?
In all honesty i would prefer a sophisticated scythe It doesn't have to be large

9. Can you swim?
Like an Aquatic Rock XD

10. What's your least favorite school subject & why?

11. Ever been into a serious fight? (with punching, scratching, hair pulling)
No I am a pacifist

Question For My Tagger People

1.If you were cake what kind would you be?
2.What superpower would you have if you had to destroy your math class
3.If we were in a band together what instrument would you play?
4.How would you describle your since of Style
5.On a scale of 1 to 963584 how sexy are you :D
6.Whos your favorite anime bad Guy.
7.Would you come over to the dark side even if we didnt have cookies?
8.If You were an animal or a mix to two animals What would you Be
9.Whats your Favorite Vocaloid song Dont say none I know you like one
10.Why aren't wood chucks Guys named Chuck that live in the woods?
11.On a scale of 1 to 10 give me fries *nods*

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