Well I'm just gonna put my junk here about my life and so on as well as some other things that my interest you



Nationality: Black Guy; Indian Guy Hehe
Likes:TheO,The Beach,Being A Nerd,Toast,Video Games,Cheese Cake,Cake in General,Turtles

Dislikes:Ignorance,Judgmental people,Racism,Un-toasted Bread,Annoying things,Rap

Friends:I loves me some MikuBerry XD if we met we would make awesome Music
WinterHeart Is Cool (No Puns please) if we met we would take a trip to japan and buy STUFF
XNotunderstood Is My Hero if we met we could talk about how cake is impacting america
SakuraDust is an old buddy If we met we would sit on the porch and have tea and Crumpets
Aka Yuki Makes me happy on the inside if we met we would throw rainbows at people
Pau7 is my long lost best friend if we met i would ask her why she doesnt get on TheO

Music: Of Course you know I love Vocaloid XP. But I also enjoy Paramore,Linkin Park, Imogen Heap, Fiest, I hate this Place,DAFT PUNK XD,Mumford and Sons, A little Ke$ha,A perfect Circle ,Switch Foot,TempoShark,30 Seconds to Mars,Coughing Circles,Cross Fade,Skillet,Sara Bareillis,Owl city, and just about every thing heavy metal like DeathKlock and I freakin LOVE ALL TECHNO. But that Darn rap NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and I make a little music my Self If you ever wanna hear just ask I might post it >_O

Personality: I have to say I am a strange guy and thats the way I want it to be :D. I would hate to be normal because i would be easy to forget. The stranger you are the harder you are to forget XD. That being said I hope im very hard to forget XP. I know Im emo because people tell me that all the time. Its not my fault i like dark colors

Thank You Guys So Much -w-

THank you to everyone who said happy birthday to Me I could write everyone back due to the seven comment Thing But THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH I feel so special and Fluffy

I'm still alive

Hey guys im still around just inactive lol been busy xD................who wants cake?


Sometimes i get on TheO and i think i have one message and im like HECK YEAH *click* -____- my inbox just trolled me T-T Forever alone


YESH TRAIL-CHAN IS BACK and IM GOING TO MAKE A WALLPAPER SO EPIC YOUR EYEBROWS WILL EXPLODE SO LOOK OUT HERE I COME *LOOKS DOWN* Oh my caps lock was on oh well i typed to much to back space so take my words yelling at your eyeballs


Yep Im still alive just been busy as heck lately sooo yeah Hello There