Yey~ I got promoted!

This day is really meant for me! ^v^

I've got promoted which I long for a long time now. xD I'm like here on the O everyday xD even though I'm not posting much fanarts co'z I'm grounded for doing such things xD I don't even do an advanced study for my subjects (which is very tiring to do. And I don't do that but my mom wanted me to study so I bring home books to serve as props xD) all I do at home is go infront of the O, watch anime, read manga and open my theO account and facebook. After that I make stories and draw anime xD That's the reason why I'm not being the first honor. haha. Maybe? xD Oh. I'm goin out of the topic. haha. I'm really really happy for this promotion =v=

Today is my lucky day. Haha. So many things happened today plus the announcement that there's a special event for tomorrow (in our school xD).

I can't post any fanarts I did (hiding it from my mom xD) co'z I haven't bought the pen I used to make line arts since I lost mine or somebody stole it from me xD Plus, my mom would question everything I buy xD After 2 more weeks maybe, I can go back to making fan arts xDD And I just got some ideas that popped out of nowhere in myhad about a plot of a story xD I'm used to making scripts now coz we've got to make 2 indie films for our subject health and social and we have to roleplay in english and values plu, we have to do an advertisement for speech. Wew. So many things to ddo xD ( I'm gonna make all scripts for all of those since I'm the leader and I can't expect my groupmates to do some. haha)

Well, I'm lookin' forward to making more fanarts xDD

But I'm really happy for the promotion. haha. Thank you Adam! xD