Welcome to my heart.I'm known by the username as Row76.My heart often gets me into a lot of trouble.My best friend told me today I fall in love easily.That's true and once I do it's very hard to get out of it.I love to help everyone other than myself because it makes me feel so much better.Just knowing I help people makes me feel alot better.My poetry is written from my feelings and things I go through.Many of you say you love it.That makes me smile and feel good to myself.I find it very hard to get close to people and trust them because I've been hurt many times.However,I would like to help you all if you have any questions.In real life I have no friends,and you guys are alot more nicer than most.Thank you.

Songs coming soon

Hey everyone!Long time no chat!! I've begun to record some covers of songs for practice with my band and with my new phone i'll be able to post them really soon!!! :) So get ready for a real treat you guys!!If you really really have a special song you wanna hear,just pm me a request. :)

My Grandpa

I'm very stressed and worried lately,so I may not be around much.I found out a couple days ago that the sore behind my grandfather's ear is a type of skin cancer,and he will be going into surgery soon.*Sighs*I'm trying to be very positive yet it's hard keeping up my happiness with that on my shoulders and mind.It's also very hard not to cry with as much as I want to.I just can't believe it....


Guys I have started a band and we really need fans right now.Anyone interested in becoming a fan comment or pm me and I will gladly give information on how.

Song For You

I feel as if I'm tied down to a chair
I can't move,can't even breathe right
You always told me not to cry
But right now I really want to
I miss you alot...
Want to talk again...
If not for me,for you
Because I know you need someone
I feel like I can do nothing
But stand and watch you fall in front of me
I know my heart may not be full but in pieces
But I know there's part of you in all of them
You gave me wind when my wings wouldn't fly
You gave my lungs breath when I couldn't breathe
And now that you're not here
Part of me has left with you
I can remember everything clearly
Even though my eyes are teary and completely unclear
I can still type this for you
And even if my wrists and fingers start to hurt
I will still type because this is my only way
To release any feelings I have
I shouldn't keep them built up
I should let them flow freely like now
Every word I yelled at you
I take back
But one thing I will not take back
Is meeting you
That was a blessing heavensent if there is one
My words are flowing from the tips of my fingers
As they are thought of
This is how I write
And create my beautiful song for you

Rain Dance

I sit listening to the rain dance on the window pane
Enjoying the rain washing everything away
It seems I'm most happy in this rainy weather
The beauty of the ripples the raindrop create on the puddles
Reminds me of the beating of two hearts as one
Hearing the thunder reminds me of the lightning that shows a broken heart forming
My mind and heart are clear
And I'm completely relaxed
The fresh smell is the best in nature
All the death and famine washed away if only for a minute
It's days like this that are my favorite
They're so calm and cleansing
Making everything seem clean and beautiful
I'm not a poet,I'm an artist
Writing down everything I see and feel for others to understand
In a song that may never be heard until you find,hear,and see it yourself
As I have
Try to understand the beauty and meaning in everything
I watch the rain slip through the top of your door and fall into a small puddle
The sound it creates in the puddle on the metal plate sounding like a small bongo being hit
I'm watching the tears of heaven rain against the window now
Seeing nothing anyone else can see
As the sun peeks its rays out with the thunder still shouting
I feel serene and collected together
Nothing hurts,nothing feels
It's really nice just sitting here writing and hearing the whispers and shouts of the nature outside the window
I want to curl up in a small ball on the mushroom chair in my blanket and allow myself to fall into sleep
With the soft fabric warming my skin and against my cheek leaning on my hand
I shall fall into the slow dance of slumber to the sound of the tears right outside of the shelter
And dream of being in the arms of the person I've always wanted