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The main purpose of this world is to displace all the gifts or dedications that I have received from other members in theO. With this, I will be able to see all my wonderful gifts from my wonderful friends when I come here.

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Christmas Day and Christmas presents!!!

Sorry guys, I was so very very very very busy on Christmas. I worked on the Christmas Day (Dec. 24 and Dec. 25) on the facility since my boss really needed someone to work on the holidays and most of the full-time workers in my facility had requested time-off. So, I pretty much had no time for myself during the holidays.
Here are my awesome gifts from my awesome secret santas, and from Ritona Raito. I am so happy that I was one of her 25 days BL ecards.

Thanks all for the wonderful and awesome Christmas presents. I sure will make you something when I have time. <3 Love *Click please*

Birthday Gifts, Dedications, Wishes and Thank You

Hello all,

Even though my birthday was on a rainy day, it was a wonderful day to me.
On my birthday, I had to stay home to write my essay; the essay will be due on wednesday this week. While writing an essay, I still had some time break to check theO (honestly, I was waiting for somethings from friends in theO lolz, could not concentrate on writing my essay, ==> as a result, I did not write anything lolz, my mind was somewhere else, not on the mood for the essay; -- could not finish the paper, but the day was fun)... by collecting gifts and messages from my awesome friends in theO <3
and yeas, all the wonderful messages, gifts and dedications had made my day awesome. I did not celebrate my birthday since I dont think I need to and I dont have time. I know my real life friends do not have time as same as me. Thank for those who spent a little bit of time to think of me. <3


I am really happy to receive all the lovely gifts, great dedications and all the wonderful birthday wishes to me; these make my day so great, happy and awesome. I love you all.

Thanks soooooooo much............

Thanks for the great dedications:

Icons from josephine12cute


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Watch Me

I received a pretty and lovely dedication from one of my favorite artistes in theO. This makes me so happy. *many hugs to the artist*

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Fairy Tale

Oh wow... the wonderful, amazing artist, Asuha612 has just dedicated another pretty card. I love everything in this card - the text, the text placement, the color, the scan... all, just beautiful.

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It has been like a month or so since my last dedication.
Today, I got another gift. A new dedication from a great artist Hanako Sho. The wallpaper looks amazing with the awesome text placement and it's color looks very nice. I love the wallpaper. Thanks to the artist for dedicating it to me

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