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Wedding that never was
This is gonna be LONG!!!
(Well, it all started when my big brother Xander wanted to play god and set my marriage to Cloud to be 2 days after we had that chat -_-''' I panicked like a maniac since for one reason this wedding never happened.......Cloud had been experimenting on how to make the worlds best sour candy and made a knock out gas and was out cold, so there was no wedding with the groom partly unconcious (He was barely recovering from it), hence the title The Wedding That Never Was)
Kairiujmk: *Thinking* OH PISH!!!!! I still need a dress for my wedding....oh my god the wedding *runs like a maniac*
ZackFairRP: *waches Kairi run off, calling out to her* Becareful
Kairiujmk: *comes back wearing a pink ruffled wedding dress* Hey guys how do I look? I'm gonna go get me some food before I faint -.-'''.....*walks off*
Kairiujmk: aeris ^-^ how do I look? *has a bowl of chicken*
Aerisgainsborough: *puts arms around zacks waist* you look great kairi
ZackFairRP: *smiles* You look beautiful Kairi
Kairiujmk: Chicken? ^^''' *holds out a bowl of chicken*
Aerisgainsborough: shake head* no yjanks
Aerisgainsborough: thanks*
ZackFairRP: Well you don't seem to have lost you appertitue, no last minute wedding gitters? *laughs*
Kairiujmk: O.O no...yes....no.....maybe.............
Aerisgainsborough: aww
ZackFairRP: *smirks placing a hand on Kairi's shoulder* Don't worry you will be fine
Kairiujmk: it's nto me I'm worried about, i think telling cloud th enews abotu the suddenness put him in a coma
Kairiujmk: O.O
Aerisgainsborough: :S
Aerisgainsborough: really you two should of planed this
Kairiujmk: He wouldn't choose a day, and I couldn't choose a day, my big brotehr chose it and that was that --''' big brotehrs XO
Aerisgainsborough: hmm
ZackFairRP: *laughs* Well hopefully all should go well
Kairiujmk: if he's really in a coma, he wont speak to me for about a week or so
Aerisgainsborough: :|
Aerisgainsborough: so kairi whos giving you away?
Kairiujmk: huh?
ZackFairRP: Might make it kinda hard for him to say his wedding vows don't you think? *smirks*
Kairiujmk: he probably doesn't know the vows
Kairiujmk: I have my own version of vows that I learned from the corpse bride
ZackFairRP: *opens his mouth, looking shocked* He...he better be a fast learner
Aerisgainsborough: :)
Kairiujmk: lolz trust me he wont get them that easily maybe ^^'''
Aerisgainsborough: oh dear
ZackFairRP: *shakes his head, laughing* Well least it will be one we won't forget *pulls Aeris close and kisses her cheek*
Kairiujmk: lolz that's true ^^'''
Aerisgainsborough: blush
Kairiujmk: if he shows up
Aerisgainsborough: gives zack a light squeeze*
ZackFairRP: I'm sure he will *smiles as Aeris squeezes him*
Kairiujmk: I'm suprised, normally time goes by so fast, today it seems slow
Aerisgainsborough: how come?
Kairiujmk: Hmmmm I really don't know
ZackFairRP: *looks around* They say time flies when your having fun right?
Aerisgainsborough: right
Aerisgainsborough: you got a plan?
Kairiujmk: plan for what?
Aerisgainsborough: (thinks were safe till Reno shows up again)
ZackFairRP: Well i figure Kairi deserves to have fun before she gets married *smirks* (he touches either of you i'll kick his ass lol)
Kairiujmk: O.O RENO!!! WHERE?!!! *Stares around suspiciously*
Kairiujmk: He owes me a fryign pan -.-****
Aerisgainsborough: (nearly ended up in lava while you were away)
Kairiujmk: I liek lava ^-^
ZackFairRP: (What!?)
Kairiujmk: Reno was gonna dump us in lava =P
Aerisgainsborough: (i kind of walk in on kair and a reno chatting about him putting us in lava)
Kairiujmk: I loves lava ^-^ ---fire apparition
Aerisgainsborough: we some of us arnt as lucky as you ^^
ZackFairRP: (*takes out to do list and writes "Kick Reno's ass" on it before returning it to his pocket* Yeah but i don't think Aeris is too keen on it heh)
Kairiujmk: I'm nto lucky, when i was in kindergarden all the demosn called me a firebaby T-T
Kairiujmk: and I burnt my room down
Kairiujmk: I had fevers over 300 degrees
Aerisgainsborough: (Reno whated to ship us out somewhere)
Aerisgainsborough: wanted*)
Kairiujmk: where?
Kairiujmk: O.O
Aerisgainsborough: i over heard him
Kairiujmk: I'm scared to have thought where he wanted to ship us
Kairiujmk: probably to a canibal island O.O
Aerisgainsborough: looks up at zack* good job u showed up uhu?
Aerisgainsborough: huh?*)
ZackFairRP: *smiles and hugs Aeris* I couldn't leave you guys with Reno
Aerisgainsborough: why did he call you zacky boy?
Kairiujmk: lozl Zacky boy XD
Kairiujmk: That's my nickname for you now Zack XD lolz XDDDDDDDD
ZackFairRP: *scowls but laughs* Thanks
Aerisgainsborough: oops soz
Kairiujmk: *falls on floor laughing head off* XD lolz
ZackFairRP: Kairi would you like this back? *pulls out her frying pan and waves it in the air*
Aerisgainsborough: in her weddeding dress too lol
ZackFairRP: Your gonna get it dirty *smirks*
Kairiujmk: MY FRYING PAN!!! YAY!!!!! *hits a random person with it* It works still ^-^ Random Person: @[email protected]
Aerisgainsborough: no dont we cloud a wake right?
Kairiujmk: *shrugs* I don't think h's awake
Aerisgainsborough: i hope we are no ramdom people *ducks as she swings it around*
ZackFairRP: Try hitting him with that, i'm sure it will do the trick laughs*
Aerisgainsborough: she as once already
ZackFairRP: *moves to protect Aeris and get's caught round the head by the frying pan* Ow!
Kairiujmk: sorry
Kairiujmk: ^-^''''
ZackFairRP: *rubs his head* It's fine, no worries *smiles*
Kairiujmk: Yes I have hit cloud once with this *sho2ws the giant dent*
Kairiujmk: shows*
Aerisgainsborough: and shes offerd*flinches* me it a few times. looks at zack * u ok?
Aerisgainsborough: hmm do you see stars or double?
ZackFairRP: *blinks* Well i do see one star actually
Aerisgainsborough: goes on tiptoe and kisses zacks forehead*
Kairiujmk: I can't stand to see double cause when I look into a mirror, One thing goes in my mind...how many of me can i stand? XD
ZackFairRP: *leans down a bit, pulling Aeris close, he tilts his head and catches her lips with his in a brief kiss*
Aerisgainsborough: trys not to grin as he kisses her*
Aerisgainsborough: wanhts to enjoy it
ZackFairRP: *pulls away slightly, his face red*
Aerisgainsborough: slightly pink too
Kairiujmk: I know who I'm gonna toss the bouquet to
ZackFairRP: *laughs*
Kairiujmk: *Looks at louise* ^-^ lolz
Aerisgainsborough: try to think cool thoughts because face is scarlet
ZackFairRP: *looks down at her face and smiles, his own redness fading, but he had enjoyed the kiss very much*
Aerisgainsborough: looks at him* so did I
Aerisgainsborough: and gives him another
Kairiujmk: *sits ona chair singing* I'm the fly in your soup, i'm the pebble in your shoe XD lolz
ZackFairRP: *this time goes very red as she kisses him, hears Kairi and tries not to laugh*
Aerisgainsborough: looks puzzed at kairi
Kairiujmk: what I like the evil song XD
Aerisgainsborough: hehe question for you kairi
Aerisgainsborough: how long have u and cloud been together?
Kairiujmk: at midnight it'll be 7 months
Aerisgainsborough: k
ZackFairRP: *smiles*
Aerisgainsborough: can hear zacks heart beating cause it is very close to his chest
Kairiujmk: *still singing* It's so easy when your evil, this is the life you see, the devil tips his hat to me, I do it all because I'm evil, and I do it all for free XDDDD
Aerisgainsborough: smiles* wonder if she'll do the evil laugh?
ZackFairRP: *laughs, his heart racing a little at having Aeris near to him* You always sing that Kairi?
Kairiujmk: I love that song XD
Kairiujmk: Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha XDDDDD
ZackFairRP: *shakes his head and laughs*
Aerisgainsborough: chuckles lightly
Aerisgainsborough: yep nutty as ever lol :P
Kairiujmk: lolz
ZackFairRP: *hugs you both*
Aerisgainsborough: smiles softly
ZackFairRP: Not long now huh Kairi *smiles*
Aerisgainsborough: u ready?
Kairiujmk: anough hour
Aerisgainsborough: looks like i was wrong
Aerisgainsborough: i worked it out for 11:30 our time
ZackFairRP: It's ok *holds Aeris close, brushing his hand across her cheek*
Aerisgainsborough: smiles up at zack*
Aerisgainsborough: then closes eyes thinking* thats nice
Kairiujmk: SAMMAGE!!!!!! *throws a sammage at a random guy* Random guy: *licks own cheek* Mmmm turkey and cheese
ZackFairRP: lol
Aerisgainsborough: ok what sweets you had and how many? Lol
Kairiujmk: AGH!!! XANDER's gonna keel me!!!!! *hides in closet* He's got a knife XO
Aerisgainsborough: he what
Aerisgainsborough: !!
ZackFairRP: Huh? *looks round, his hand moves to the hilt of his bustersword*
Kairiujmk: he's on my chat box, he's the one who planned the wedding to be today
Aerisgainsborough: holds out arm* shiied
ZackFairRP: Want me to come over?
Kairiujmk: I want him to put it away I'm hoping he puts it away
Kairiujmk: GAH!!!! I want him to stop giving me a heartattack, first a knife then a kunai, then he says their ruber XP
Kairiujmk: *sigh* I still no likey havign mods on my chat box XP ever since oen went renegade
Aerisgainsborough: mods?
ZackFairRP: That moderators?
Kairiujmk: -.-""""" I not a boy XO XP big brother is giving me a heartattack and annoying me
ZackFairRP: Where you chatting?
ZackFairRP: I'd offer to help but i don't know where you guys are chatting
Kairiujmk: we're chattign where the wedding is gonna be
Aerisgainsborough: in your box
ZackFairRP: Got the link how do i get in?
Aerisgainsborough: on ur hp?
Kairiujmk: easy click sign in if your not signed in
ZackFairRP: http://www.xat.com/FFVIIexplorers
ZackFairRP: That's what i see
Kairiujmk: that's the link to my chat box
Kairiujmk: you go to it and you should be automatcally signed in if not you click sign in
ZackFairRP: Ok
Aerisgainsborough: k

Major Threat Part 2(We left off with me sulking in my corner and Reno taunting Zack)
ZackFairRP: Zack is back! hang on fair madiens you won't be held there long -pulls his buster sword from his back and runs to where they are being held- Hold on
Aerisgainsborough: cant wait to see that face :)
Kairiujmk: I just can't wait to get outta here so I don't have to sit on concrete and stare at bars all day
Kairiujmk: can't wait to see Cloud either...when i see that boy he's in big trouble for making me worry so terribly much about him I miss him so T-T
Aerisgainsborough: whispers to the boys *Beware of the frying pan thats hiding behind Kairi's back* :P
Kairiujmk: What frying pan --'''' Reno stole my frying pan :O XO
ZackFairRP: *walks silently up to there cell and winks- Hey gals, sorry for making you wait, have you out in a sec *looks round for Reno or Rude* hhmm so far so good..ok stand back *raises his buster sword high into the air*
Kairiujmk: ok standing back OO'''' *backs up from gate as far as possible*
Kairiujmk: *sigh**sits down staring at floor**thinks in mind* I mustn't cry......I can't.....*wishes Cloud was here*
Aerisgainsborough: stands back with Kairi as Zack trys to brake us out
ZackFairRP: *takes in a deep breath and brings his sword down hard, the flash that comes as the blade hits the bars is almost blinding, there is a huge crash and as the smoke fades the bars of the cell are broken and twisted, he stands there a bit out of breath* There told ya i'd get you out.
Aerisgainsborough: walks up to zack and kisses forehead
Aerisgainsborough: "hi there stranger"
ZackFairRP: *smiles and pulls her in for a hug* Hello, i missed you *he kisses her cheek*
reno: And just what do you two think you are doing? *see's kairi sat on the floor* you know if you are going to kiss a girl it should be done like this *grabs Aeris by the rist and pulls her close...*
Kairiujmk: HEY!!!! *Jumps on Reno's back and hits him on head repeatedly* You let go of my buddy right now!!!!
Kairiujmk: And gimme back my frying pan so I can inflict major damage! *pulls hair*
ZackFairRP: *growls and pushes Reno off Aeris* Don't you touch her! *he steps infront of Aeris and Kairi to protet them, glaring at Reno* Try that again or touch either of them and i'll cut you to shreads.
Reno: Now theres the Zack we know and love *Looks at Aeris holding on to Zacks arm* smiles softly "Zacky boy" *shakes my head as i laugh* "Ow Kairi did you have to pull so hard?"
Kairiujmk: yesh =P you stole my frying pan
Kairiujmk: the frying pan I inflict pain with
ZackFairRP: *smirks at hearing Kairi, placing his arm around Aeris he holds her close* You try and take my friends away again and i'll make sure you regret it *laughs*
Kairiujmk: Yeah what he said!!!

Major Threat Part 1
Sadly, the story all began with me and my friend Aeris having been kidnapped, and so it goes. (This is gonna be short)
RenoTerk: I have ur Special Someone and her friend Kairi they were easy pickings when u and cloud left them.
ZackFairRP: Well then, best be on your guard, cause i'm comming for them heh
AerisGainsborough: J hey knows you will come for me and kairi soon,missed u
ZackFairRP: I missed you too *pulls out his buster sword* Hey Reno! prepare for a world of pain. Haha
KairiUJMK: don't worry about me. Save Aeris...I'll be fine *takes out chaos orb from body* My Knight is protecting me even when he's not here
KairiUJMK: I'm protected...Aeris is not...I'll find a way out eventually...no one has managed to keep lock up besides ORG XIII months ago...and I still found a way out.....and even if I don't, I know my Knight will come for me. I just know he will.
reno: nah nah nah nah nah i still have them :p
Aerisgainsborough: pokes tongue at Reno *when he does come he will kick your ass then you will be sorry"
Aerisgainsborough: *im sorry i got you in this mess too kairi* :(
Kairiujmk: it's not your fault, it's my fault for being so weak.........I obviously need more training......
Tainn: Don't worry dear maidens, you won't be there long -grabs his buster sword and runs to where they are being held- Hang on
Kairiujmk: Hang on to what?
Kairiujmk: *sits down and stares at the picture in my locket**the picture shows me, Cloud, Sonic and Shadow all together at the beach* *sighs* Sonic, Shadow, Cloud...where are you when I need you?


Well I'll have the stories in tomorrow. I need to nap, so tired.