Personal Bleach Poem

This is a freestyle poem I wrote a while back. It may sound odd, 'cause I'm not very good at poetry. Although one poet I met begged to differ. Anyway, here it is.

The Eyes of Winter

Hair as white as snow,
And eyes that resemble the sky,
Reflected upon the water's surface.
They see everything.
Yet reveal nothing.

To many, they reject.
But to one, they call.
Eyes so clear, so focused,
So determined.
One cannot help but to gaze
Unto their icy depths.
And as they gaze back,
You're engulfed in a feeling so pure and intense
That it makes you shiver
As if you were bathed in winter itself.

But underneath their angry exterior
Exists a softer, kinder, sweeter,
More sensitive and troubled side
That's been frozen and thawed
So many times one wonders if there's
Anything left.

And yet those turquoise eyes do not waver.
For they haven't the time,
Nor the interest,
For such sentimentalities.

But do not be fooled.

For on this cold winter's night,
There exists a warm summer's day.

You can probably guess by the choice of words who it's about. I really have no idea what I ment by this. I just explained what I saw and how he thinks...I think. Anyway I hoped you liked it. I hardly ever do poetry, so this is rare.