The angels twirl around me clad in black
This means I have to get back on track
My pain is swarming
And the darkness is tempting my heart
Yet I have to keep from falling apart
And right now is my time to start
I can't lose to this yet
My throat is itchy and my chest is bleeding
All my devils are pleading
My wings are stretching
The light orb is swelling
And I have to release its power
And follow it


The blade promises to make me feel alive
It rips through my skin to release the built up pain and tension
I feel no fear as the crimson ripples out
My tears join it on the wound
I remember the other promise
The one you made
So when it was slashed to pieces
My heart shrivelled and ripped
Like a horrible paper cut
Left unattended
My eyes are open
My lungs are still breathing
It just feels like I'm in the deep haze of dreaming
My mind is blank
My heart is black
And it's all from that inflicted crack

I Can't Hate Love

I couldn't stop if I tried
No matter if it hurt
No matter if I cried
Sometimes I regret things I say
Because I know it hurts you
But you gotta understand
I'm not perfect
I'm only human
I try eveen if it cuts me to pieces
I can feel your pain mix with mine
And at least I know I'm alive
Pain is better than nothing
I love you even now as I'm crying
I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you
Or said anything wrong
But now you see the lonely child
Telling you how I feel
I wish I could show you
I'm glad you're back again
Finally back in my arms
I wish I could tell you
But my voice'll crack before I can
So please just read this
And understand
I don't want you mad and hurt
I just want to love you like we know I should

To Be Judged

You guys always want to judge me
And stay away from me just because i'm different
You laugh because i'm different
I laugh because you bitches are all the same
You think you can change me with words
If it was that easy i'd be changed already
But if you want to change me you'll have to break me first
Because I won't go down without a fight
I'm fighting for my dreams and my freedom of choice
If I was the same who would give other people like me the choice to be who they want
Say what you want about me
Judge me
I don't judge
I only judge when people ask me 'Does this look okay?'
So do whatever
I'm the the one To Be Judged

My Love Is Never Illusion

My love is never an illusion
But your face sure is
Like the scum on my boots
Have I ever told you how much I dislike you?
You feel it
Breathe it
Like the sick whore you are
Laughing at the Hell
You send me through
And smile when you see me still standing bloody and all cut up
Like i've been tied in barbed wire
Cutting me to the core
As I hold a bloody white rose to my lips
Red doesn't stand for love
But the bitter hatred I have for you
My hatred being a passion
When I feel you lightly touch my shoulder
And hiss 'I love you my babydoll'
Babydoll is it?Babydoll you'll see
This babydoll is dark and it's me
If you cut me I bleed
If you leave me I die inside
It's sad to say I know you deeper than you think
If you're shocked by my words
You should see my world
So say I love you again
I'll say it the dark way
And that is I hate you til I die with a passion