My story of the beginning

Everytime I think about anime,I am blown away by the memories which take me to the past...To the past,when I first started watching anime.
I had about 6 years back then.Boy,was I young,but I remember everything like it was yesterday.I lived in a small town.In that town almost nobody knew about anime.There were only several channels on televisions.Belive me,we all lived under a rock(I mean the people of my town of course).Nobody didn't gave to much interest in that. Everyone just watched the standard cartoons.Then one day I met a friend.
He was several years older than me and he introduced me to my first anime ''Dragon Ball Z''.How he showed me? Well, I was young back then and my parents were looking for someone who could watch over me while they are at work,so they found this one woman.And her son was that my friend.He had something that was luxury back then, a satalit televsion. I don't how to really say it in english but it was some kind of device which you could watch programs from other countries.That was my thinking back then. And we watched.
Unfortunatelly it didn't had long range and we only knew how to manage up the german programsa(and yes german languange isn't my first language). And there was one program. RTL II was it's name.It had a show called Pokito which was an anime program that run for about 4 hours during a day.And that were the best 4 hours that I spend that day when I was with him.
After that I went every day to his house and watch together the anime program.
At that time I only watched DBZ,but with time I also began watching Pokemon, Digimon,InuYasha,Sailor Moon,Yu-Gi-Oh,Inspector Conan and many more. With time I got my other friends in watching it.They also like it a lot(though they even today call them cartoons instead of anime and every time I must correct them).
Anyway to get back,I don't wait to write this for eternal,time passed on and we finnaly began getting in town some anime merhandice.It were Pokemon cards.
I was addiceted to buying those and trading with friends.At that time I was 9 years.We were in some sort of competition who will ''get the all''.What irony...
Anyway,it hit in a critical point where I did almost everything to get money to buy myself that.I helped my parents,neighbours to earn that little money to buy something like that.i even whent to point where I went I stole a package from the market.That was,one of the most disgusting things of my life.I swore that I will never steal AGAIN.The feeling that I had was terrible and I didn't even enjoyed it those cards that I got.The only funny thing about it is,when my friends asked me, from where I got these cards I told them that I saw a merchant on bike that came from Japan and it was selling this cards and that he already left.Even if we were kids,it was strange to belive them...
A year passed and I finnaly stayed alone in my house while my parents were at work.And it was boring experience.Why?! There was no anime.Ok,by that time even our programs where emitating ''some'' anime,but nothing to long.Then,I asked my parents if the could buy me that ''special'' television.After some time,and pleasing them,they actually bought me. I was so happy!Trough that I even watched several anime movies like Castle in the sky and Spirited Away.
I even remember waiting for my parents to go to bed at 11 PM and the I would sneak out and go to watch Van Helsing.It was very scary anime at that time which I will never forget.Maybe I will rewatch it now that I am older,just for old scary nostologic.
Now to bring this to and end,I see that I went I bit to far with this writing.Even today I still watch anime and i understand it better.I even began buying myself manga from the internet,mostly ebay.That stuff is very limited here,even today.As I was saying I now even undestand eveything much more,from creators to everything else.Styles in anime and so on.I will started drawing a little of it,even though I was bad at drawing in middle school,I always find inspiration in anime/manga.
So this was my story about how I got into anime.I hope that you liked it.
And at the end I want to say that I have freat repsect to all people who watch and support anime and it's creators also.Everyone has their own little anime story that they like and share. THE END