Hello Everyone and welcome to my humble world!! ^_^

In this one I will post a lot of random stuff, from personal posts to various themes and memes. Look forward to many interesting and uninteresting stuff. Ciao!

Account name:LightFykki
DOB:15/02 1994
Gender: male
Place of birth and living: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Interests: Many, too much to list, but you will figure some of them eventually

As you all may know, I try to be nice and kind to everyone. But also keep in mind this. There are many wonderful and talented people here. This site is really great, where everyone can meet up a lot of people and become good friends with those that have similar interests and common thing.
I have many friends here and listing them isn't enough to repay everything in which they helped me. For who they are, they know themselves. :)

All credits for the design of this world, go to my close friend here Hulaberry32!!!
I highly advice that you all as well check her profile too. She is a wonderful person and a very good card maker.^^

My other worlds: A world about Bleach, "My little world of Bleach"
My review world, "Moonlight stories"
A RP world, "Eternal Dreams"
A world dedicated for anime and Japan in general, "Eastern wonder"

Well that is a little introduction of me.
If you have any more questions,just PM me. I don't bite. =)

English help

English help...? That sounds weird. Speaking of weird, I just noticed that I comment a lot on my titles. Not something to recommend, it feels odd, haha.

Anyways, as I noticed in my last post, I need some help from you guys. Even if you are not a native English speaker you can help me in this.

Basically I need idioms and explanation what each means. Now I do hope that everyone understands me, because for example idioms mean something completely off and different in my language. But I think that I know what I mean.

It would be of a great help and I thank each and everyone of you in advance. I already said during my class that I have friends here that I can rely on about that.

~ Take care!

Back with my... back

So I am back everyone!! :D Surprise? Shouldn't be. xD I actually came here on Thursday, but was so tired when I came back from my excursion plus I had some problems right away, so I waited until I could gather up and inform you here about it.^^

It was so amazing, so nice to finally get a rest and see so many cities and different countries. We were... well I pretty much said it in the last post. We also visited some extra places (like Port Aventure and some other cities).

I could go on rambling about what I saw there, but it would be boring to you, so let's just skip that. If anyone is interested in a more detail, please, feel free to ask.

As for you everyone, I am finishing this school soon. One more day, then preparation for matura (some type of finals here, weird) and then entrance exams for my college (or faculty as it is said here).

Hmmm and I will need your help with something, but I will write more about it in my next post.

Until then, stay safe and good as you are~!

This is my in Barcelona. I might add some more photos later, kind of was lazy now to put them on photobucket. :P

Going towards the sky

Or maybe going towards something else... Sky it is not. Hah, anyways not to make you confused, this is a title about going to my excursion. More of it and where we are going is in the post below.

I won't be here for the next eight days, so I will miss you guys. But hopefully nothing bad will happen and we shall all have more fun after I come back. I mean you will... but I will just continue to have~!

Yesterday I went (because of the 1st May) to one of my trips and adventures. I did so today as well, but not that much. Seen many animals along the forest, fields and rivers. Took some shots... photo shots. *laughs*

~ So peeps that was about me and I shall hear from you again, real soon.

External Image

Bai bai

The end of this school chapter

So today was the last day before the very beginning of the day of my days in high school. And I am glad... It was pretty hectic in the last few weeks and it is now getting even worse..

BUT, before that we are now going to have our last excursion. It will be from 3th of May till the 10th, I think. We will be visiting North Italy, cities like Verona, Venice, Milan, then France and some cities there like Cannes and city-state of Monaco. Most of the time we shall spend in Spain, Catalonia (Barcelona). It will be very interesting.^^

We also had the group picture taking... thing. XD So we spend a whole hour almost today just signing our names on everyone's photos.
Here's the main one.

So if you remember my name you will be able to find me. XP Also, the resolution is small on this scan, so it is not very clear. I also look weirder.. xD

~ Stay safe everyone and all the best! ^_^

Hi hi theOtaku!

Hello everyone!! :D How are you all doing?^^ I am doing well currently, with lot of things going on, but all in all, I am good.

As I am typing this I notice that it has been a while since I posted something.. I know that I should keep on more with you. Should I say that if someone cares? Not really, but one thing is for certain. Many members and friends that I had and have here are not much active anymore, some inactive completely.

But I still have fun being here and seeing what everyone is doing. It might not be so close and surrounded by everything like before, but it might become so again.

Many people have lately become busy and aren’t here, including me. But is because of being busy? Not really, again, we control our time and can find time to relax here. It is because of the other reasons. Also there are several circles of member here. If one of them becomes less active, the other one will as well.

I do hope that we all we still be here, laughing and enjoying our time, no matter what changes!

Speaking of that, I will soon finish this secondary school phase finally and enter a new one. As you could see from the title, my friend (because everyone in the class knows that I would like to study in Japan) saw from Japanese ambessy here in Bosnia, that they are offering scholarship.
I browsed it out carefully and saw that I have pretty good chances to get accepted. It is a full scholarship with a monthly income of 117.000 yen with full studying in Japan.

But then there Is a problem… my parents. Better to say mother and I don’t want to go into details, there is rather much, but let’s just say that even so I can’t back down or feel down if because of my own possibilities can do something.
My course which I am planning on taking is already the strongest there (technology, actually electro engineering and programming in my case).
I still have an extra plan, but that one will come later though…

Will I find a boring job in the future? Nah, I already have some plans. *laughs* Also for everyone who is looking for something like that, go with what you like and would feel the best, not where you can find good money. Believe me you won’t advance much if you are not liking something, you will if you do, it is one the basic laws of our life.

Speaking of which, I could actually go on and on speaking what is going around here in my life, but then again you guys probably have more important things to read (like some school books, or any general, go go *laughs*) .

Oh yes, I am also pretty good at driving now, even though I still don’t have my license. I drive through the town though, luckily police hasn’t stopped me by now… Just when I finish the school I will go and just take the tests for my driver’s license. Hopefully it won’t be too hard… right?

Anyways, that’s all from me. Even though I know that many people won’t read this, but one is a huge number. Imagine having one friend? Now that’s something, and more is even better.

~ Stay safe everyone and I wish you all the best in your life. Until next time, bye!