Hello Everyone and welcome to my humble world!! ^_^

In this one I will post a lot of random stuff, from personal posts to various themes and memes. Look forward to many interesting and uninteresting stuff. Ciao!

Account name:LightFykki
DOB:15/02 1994
Gender: male
Place of birth and living: Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Interests: Many, too much to list, but you will figure some of them eventually

As you all may know, I try to be nice and kind to everyone. But also keep in mind this. There are many wonderful and talented people here. This site is really great, where everyone can meet up a lot of people and become good friends with those that have similar interests and common thing.
I have many friends here and listing them isn't enough to repay everything in which they helped me. For who they are, they know themselves. :)

All credits for the design of this world, go to my close friend here Hulaberry32!!!
I highly advice that you all as well check her profile too. She is a wonderful person and a very good card maker.^^

My other worlds: A world about Bleach, "My little world of Bleach"
My review world, "Moonlight stories"
A RP world, "Eternal Dreams"
A world dedicated for anime and Japan in general, "Eastern wonder"

Well that is a little introduction of me.
If you have any more questions,just PM me. I don't bite. =)

Meme thingy thing

So I saw this being in a floatila (like floating around :P) and since in the last question it asks that I have to do it as well, so why not.^^ So everyone who comments (write anything you want even "baka") I will answer these questions to them. :)

I. Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your profile page
II. Tell you a color you remind me of
III. Tell you to which element I think you belong (earth, wind, water, fire)
IV. Tell you what comic, manga / anime, or videogame character you remind me
V. Ask you a question and you must answer
VI. Tell you something I like about you
VII. Give you a nickname
VIII. Tell you the object that is to the left of me
IX. Tell you what food, flavor, or smell you remind me of
X. Tell you to put this in your world too

The end and the beginning

As the title says, many things happened recently.. In short and not to make you too bored, I had my graduation this Tuesday. The last time that I officially were in my high school as I go now to college.

I also were in the city yesterday where I will attend that college for this year. As I said before, I am going for electricity engineering, branch higher programming, computer architecture and informatics. It will be very hard, but I am determined to go for it. I will also have my entrance exams from physic and math, so I am preparing them learning hours to hours each day.

Other than that I am spending this weekend studying and helping my parents around complete cleaning of our flat, painting it and such.

Other than "that"... nothing really. I have many plans now that I am on a Summer break. Will I manage them all? I don't know, but I shall definitely give my best.

I also wish all the best for everyone here and may your life go in the right direction.
Stay safe~!

Finished, at last

So it is over. In terms of my High school, completely. Yesterday was my last 'final' test and I finished all with the highest grades.
Now the only thing that is left is to go and pick up the diplomas and I will be officially disconnected from this school..

Of course it is not over yet, as I have to prepare for my university exams and after that driving exams and a new chapter for me begins in October this year. But still slowly everything comes and goes together. :)

I also had my thesis yesterday (which was about GIMP) and professor was pretty impressed, so I am happy about that.^^

So that's it! I hope that everything is good for you all there and definitely say if there is something new as well? :D

~ Take care!

As I said I will post more pictures from my excursion, but this is just one now. It is me when I was in Monaco (Monte Carlo quarter here) and inside the first (I think..) formula that won world championship in Formula 1. That is the place where races are held.


Hell...o there everyone!! :D It's me, again.^^ Not to bother you too much, because I am myself already bothered.

Just a quite to say that I might be a bit less on here these few days, because of my so called finals. They are hardcore and I study hardcore (I studied yesterday for 8 hours!) just math. Other I know and it is not a problem. I know math and math is not a problem, but taking in which college I will go I need to show it and prepare myself (because we will also have entrance exams from it).

So that's it and when I finish it we need to throw a big party here!! ^_^

Until then, here is a random picture that I took while watching a Studio Ghibli movie (My neighbors Yamadas). It says Bosnia! :D Yes, even Japan knows about us. :P It does mention about the tragedy here that happened, but hey!, it is still a mentioning.^^

Prom and some other updates

Now... It has been quite long since I last updated here. I was around but was always busy so couldn't stay long enough to write something longer.

I will not write anything long even now knowing that it can be annoying to some to read long texts.

Last Friday I actually had my prom. It was... Well everyone knows what that is, but to me it was okay. I am a weird person, so I get weird experiences. xD But yeah, it was good, nothing bad happened.. Ummm, I also drove when I was returning home in middle of the night through my town, so that was interesting. Would you know that in my town after midnight there is almost no one. Quite literally. It felt like a ghost town.^^

Oh yes, I do have some pictures. HERE you can see a whole set of pictures. HERE is me (I didn't know when they take shot, so bare with me and my weird poses XD) and HERE is me with my prom dates.
Now you probably ask how did I have two girls? Well the answer is that there are a lot of more girls in my school than guys, so some girls would have felt bad if they were alone and so some of us guys got more. Did I complain? Not really.^^

Other updates are that I will be having my, well we can call them 'finals' though they are really just something formal, but even still you can fail at that something 'formal'. So I have to study quite a lot and soon after that my application to college comes.

So how have you everyone been? I hope alright and I hope that everything goes well for you as well.

And not to forget, thank you all who wrote idioms in my last post. The thing was that once for these finals a girl came and she was a bit nervous. Our English teacher asked her "Do you have butterflies in your stomach?". She replied to that smiling "Oh no, I don't eat butterflies". And our teacher has a short fuse, so immediately after that she said something in the lines of "Thou you must learn these well!!".

~ Hear from you later then everyone~! :D