This Page Will Have Video's,Image's and Poem's To Honor The Characters Of True Love!I'm always adding thing's so check back. Enjoy your visit, Love and peace!

Rinoa and Squall


I want to be with you forever
I want to wake up in your arms every morning
After lying beside you every night
I want your smile to be the first thing I see and
Your voice the last thing I hear
I want to feel your body next to mine to keep me warm
On a winter night and cool on a summer day
I want to share your joy and happiness and comfort you
Through sadness and disappointment
Whatever goes right or wrong I want to be with you when the
Sun sets and rises, the stars shine bright and rain falls
I want to wipe your tears and share your laughter
I want to love you forever

Cloud and Aerith


External Image

A single ray in the dawn,
The bliss of our love is incomprehensible
No sun shines there,no moon, no stars,no lightning flash,
Not even lamplight
All things are incandescent
With love that lights up all the world

Tidus and Yuna


Your kiss is the last thing I remember
When I wake-up to a new day
Of loving you…