Hrm.... Well my little world is basically my blog; my bubble really. I'll write about anything that I find interesting or funny-things that have to be told to everyone. I'll also sometimes put up some of my sketchy drawings that have no place in my gallery like most if not all of my works or works in progress.
I enjoy comments, good or bad. I just want to know your opinion, too.

Always...Every time

Wow, I haven't updated ANYTHING in a while...need to work on that more.

I finally got around to watching Toy Story 3, yes I know, and it was AMAZING~! I loved it so much, *loves loves loves* And in most animated movies from DreamWorks/Disney/Pixar, I cried. So emotional. Always crying in those movies, BECAUSE THEY ARE THAT AWESOME.

Ugh, school starts Monday....Do not want it at all. Well it's going to be interesting to say the least.

Well, I shall leaave on a high note:

So here's a cup o' ditto that I found somewhere, enjoy.



It finally snowed down here (a few days ago...) and I was, uhh... more excited than it should be allowed... I was freaking out
It wasn't much but I still managed to catch a few, and I was happy. And then it snowed more the next day, and I was thinking, 'No school....? *hopeful*' but it melted. Then I kept waiting for more snow, but it never came... I am disappointed, love how nature is practically laughing at me, 'Oh, you want snow? well you can't have it!! BWAHAHAHA!!'
I want more snow... TT^TT


Halloween from a jack-o-lantern

I was a young pumpkin when this all started. I was round and carefree. But one day, I was separated from my family and friends. I remember it well. The air was crisp and cold, the leaves were all shades of brown, red, yellow, and orange. I cried out for my family, but they couldn't come. I was put into a box cramed full of other pumpkins that I didn't know. No one spoke, we were all scared of what was happening. Our journey was uncomfortable and bumpy, some of us got squished and died. We were put up for sale and I was chosen by a young girl, her family took me home and tortured me. They cut holes on my face and gutted me out until I had nothing left. I passed out for the pain was too much to handle. When I woke up I was outside in the cold with a flickering candle replacing my insides. The glow of it went through the holes in my head that made my face. I was quite enjoying the warm feeling, then, at the end of the night, I was taken by a dark shadow and smashed all over the lawn. END.

Ok, I meant to put this up on Monday, but I forgot the notebook that I had written this in. It seemed right for Halloween :) Anyway, hope you like the new perspective on it, sad isn't it? X3 I luv you pumpkin <3


Last one

Alrighty, this is the last of my current drawings of her. (finally o.O) Mostly chibi's and what-not. I had a lot of fun with this and I'm very happy with how it's come out.
I've finalized her designs and added her bears that I love so much~. The top drawing of the bear was my first try, the middle-ish is my second attempt, and the bottom bear is my last try. I really love them. :3 Some of them are kinda small, sorry. So they might be hard to see.


Almost done

Alright, I've got one more of her so please hang on. >:l
Scanner really srewed it up, and the smudges don't help either...

Comments welcome. ;D