Ello peoplez this world is for rping (role playing) and it took me a long time to think of this so plz at least read a bit about it.

How things got started kinda: There was once three great god like creatures, a dragon, a griffin and a serpent. The dragon gave hope, the griffin portected and the serpent created. The three lived in harmony keeping their land safe. When one day a force of pure evil came. It destroyed what the serpant created, stole what the griffin protected and killed the dragon and the hope it gave. The griffin and serpent were furious at the death of their friend and killed the evil. The griffin took back what had been stolen and the serpent remade what had been destroyed but there would never be hope. The serpent and griffin hid their objects and only left clues to those who had the hearts of the dragon, griffin or serpent. Saddly the evil watched them even in death and left clues for it's followers as well.

Shiro Pts:100

Stuff to know:
Point System
Who are you?



So this is how you're gonna get clues. You will get a pm from one of the three gods once you join telling you when we will start posting and what your first clue is. (if you are an evil follower then plz tell me and you will be pm a clue from it) You can also get clues depending on how many points you have or something you did or found. Plz don't share your clue unless you think it is ok or the godevil tells you its ok. Any questions plz pm me!

Axel8lover (me) profile

Name: Shiro

Age: 16

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 135lbs

Hair stylecolor: Shoulder lenght, spicked out, purplr hair.

Eye color(s): Bright red.

Apperence: He wears a black t-shirt, black pants and black combat boots. He also wear a long purple coat with long sleeves and it that goes down to his ankels. He has a choker and fingerless black gloves. He has a huge sword on his back. (Yes he matches)

Personality: Friendly, funny, can be very mean, doesn't trust people easly.

Weapon (If any): Sword of remebrance. A huge sword that he wears on his back. It is made of black steel.

Power (If any):Darkness

Other: NA






Hair stylecolor:

Eye color(s):



Weapon (If any):

Power (If any):


Lost souls and Normal pplz

Lost souls: You wake up to find that you have no idea where you are or who you are and no memory of your past. You're in a chambre (everyone has a different chambre) there are words on the walls they say your name, age, height, weight etc. After reading this you see a table with weapons on it. You pick on up and now see three doors. One ia red with a dragon on it, one is blue with a griffin and one is sliver with a serpent. Before you go though one you see more words on the wall they say that you must find three magical objects to remebre your past. Your goal is to find your past, it may be good or evil that lays your path. You will (or should) meet more people along the way.

Normal People: One, you are not normal. (Couldn't think of a name) You're looking for the two objects that were hidden long ago, why is up to you. Eventually you will (or at least should) meet more people.

I know one is longer then the other but they're both awesome!

Point system

100pts for joing
10pts for posting
20pts for a picture
100pts for helping out in world
-500pts for new charater
-350pts for changing profile.(Hair, eyes, apperence, personality etc.)