Okay so i made this world to show case my amv's!!!
Leave a comment telling me your opinion, or what i could do to make them better!
If you want i could make you an amv showing off your fav couple just PM me or leave a comment with the couple, anime and song! I'll try my best to make it!
I hope you enjoy my Amv's!!!!!

Hanging On

Okay so i'mma make a new amv. I know it's been awhile but Hanging On by Ellie Goulding enspried me to make one for the song!I love it i can just feel the song it gets me emotionally. So i'mma make an amv to it hope yall will like it it'll be up in a couple hours or tomorrow depends~ Anyway it'll be a mixxed anime. See ya laters! Thanks to all of you who watch my amv's means a lot to me!

Sakke's Video!

Okay so it took awhile but here it is!!!!!!! (Wanted to show you yesterday but u weren't on QAQ) Here ya go Kee i hope you like it!!!!!

Angel of Darkness~!

My 5th Amv!
I didn't really have any ideas on this one!!
I made this randomly cause i was bored~
I hope you guys like it.

I Want Your Bite!

Okay fourth Amv~!
This is RenXNana first Amv not naruto! X3
I made this for my friend Gabi, and rushed to finish it!!!
I Hope you all like it!
It took me forever.


Okay so this is my third Amv!
Yes i make alot of Naruto!! But it's my fav anime!
I made this for Chichi6!!
This is all for you Chi! I Hope you like it!
Others ENJOY!