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one piece in school ch

One Piece in School : Usual Morning
Monkey D. Luffy (16)
Portgas D. Ace (18)
Eating a serving for 20 people for dinner, a whole 6 hours of watching movies with his brother and late night snacks which were 25 plates of roasted beef that were supposed to be cooked for tomorrow, Luffy fall asleep instantly after been tossed to bed. The whole night he dream about a world of meat where everything were made of meat, the trees, the buildings, even the people! Oh, meat! Luffy wished that he can live there foreever. At least just a bit longer. He can feel himself been thrown to the air and fell on the smooth floor of his bedroom. Rubbing his head, he glared at the man who's holding a blanket in his hand. The man looked at Luffy with a bored look as he tossed the blanket to the younger brother. “Luffy, wake up! You're going to be late for school. Again.” When the older brother was about to turn around to exit the room, he caught the pillow that was thrown at him by reflex but didn't have time to catch another one as it hits straight to his face. A vein popped on the older's forehead and the pillow fight began between the two brothers. Pillows, blankets, a bed, fly around the room. At the end no one win and both were late. Again.
“Oi, Luffy. Why were you late? Was there a fight?”
“No. Just the usual.
After weeks of thinking a new chapter and the final outcome. Kinda rush.

some spoilers

One Piece in School Ch?: Kissing Booth
Nami (14)
Monkey D. Luffy (14)
Chopper (14)
Sanji (15)
Roronoa Zoro (15)
Portgas D. Ace (16)
Hearing a 100 beli dropped into the jar, the ginger girl placed her hands on both side of the freckled man's face in front of her. A kiss used to flirt, to pass a friendly greeting or to say goodbye to someone you love. Tilting his head a bit to the right, she closed her eyes and gently placed a kiss on the man's left cheek. Nimble fingers in his tangled curly hair, She felt his rough skin under her touch as she slowly move her hands down from his face until they touch nothing. Her eyes fluttered once catching a glimpse of the man's smile and slowly opened her eyes to meet his grinning face. Her eyes watch the man as he pick up his bag that was left on the ground. A minute later, both wave their hand goodbyes at the same time. A thought of a special bonus came and the ginger decided to send a smile unseen by the high school student until he turn his head that is. She couldn't help to turn her farewell smile to a chuckle seeing the man giving a questionable thumbs up with a big toothy grin plastered on his face. She doesn't know if it was forced or not but she couldn't stop smiling as she continued to sit behind her booth.
This was suppose to be a humor drabble with a bit ZoroxNami at the end but then Ace popped into my mind. I thought of making him and Luffy her first customer with a kiss on the cheek payment and then bam this happen. Ace who's gonna move to the other side of the city or somewhere ( idk really, didn't planned the map for this AU yet) came to see Nami who opened a kissing booth for charity and payed her for a kiss on the cheek as a farewell present. I remembered a cute fan art of this pairing and immediately like this ship. It only took one fan art, ONE FAN ART! for me to ship and took a couple of cute and lovey dovey fan arts and fan fictions for me to make them my OTP like LawLu for instance.
This page help me a bit to decide what kiss for who.

one piece in school ch

Writing this drabble here before I forgot~ I may change the writing and p.o.v. when I post it on fanfiction.net.
One Piece in School: BBQ
Monkey D. Luffy (16)
Portgas D. Ace (18)
Marco (18)
He stared at the scene before him.
When he saw smoke behind the school earlier, he thought there was a fire and wanted to check it out. If it was true he would call the fire department but he was terribly wrong.
There was indeed a fire but what worried him was something else.
Both of the infamous D brothers were starting a barbecue.
His best friend, Portgas D. Ace who was also known as 'Fire Fist Ace' was making a bonfire with a beat up crocodile on the ground behind him while the rumored freshman who was also Ace's younger brother, Monkey D. Luffy was holding down a pink flamingo that was trying to fight back but to little avail.
The brothers didn't notice the man standing meters away from them as they were to focused on their lunch.
Marco didn't took off his eyes of the grinning brothers as he slowly step away from the scene and walk back to his class.
There was supposed to be another two short drabble before this one cause it will make this chapter more funnier but maybe later.
I thought of adding Sabo at the last minute. Ace and Luffy was about to cook their lunch and suddenly Sabo appeared bringing a grill with him for them to cook with instead of using Ace's bonfire.

one piece in school ch 1

Yesterday while I was searching for fan fiction of my otp, I got this idea of making One Piece drabbles where they go to school. A modern AU fan fic. And I couldn't sleep much because they kept coming. Something that usually happen when I thought of a story that I will probably never write. So the whole day I tried making the first chapter. The genre of the story will be humor, adventure, frienship, family and romance (?). I don't know if its a drabble or just a very short chapter.
Chapter 1: Straw hat and Ribbon
Luffyko = fem!luffy / Luffy's younger sister

Monkey D.Luffy (7)
Monkey D. Luffyko (6)
Akagami(Red-Haired) Shanks (27)
Nine years before.

“Luffy, I'm entrusting you with my hat. This is my favorite hat, you know.”
He plopped the straw hat on the crying boy's head and gave a last tap. “Take good care of it.”
The red haired showed a small smile before he turned to his comrades. Before he can take a step forward, he felt a tug on his leg. “No fair Shanks! What about me?”
He looked down to find a small girl no younger than 6, clung to his right leg. The child looked alike her brother except for her big brown eyes already red from crying. “It's not fair that Luffy's the only to get something to remember you by!” She shouted and half sobbed as tears threatening to came out again.
“Hey, you guys act like I'm going to die or something. It's only for a few years.” The red hair yanked the now crying girl off of his leg. He tried to reassured her by saying that they will meet again after his trip overseas but it only made her cry again.
People that doesn't know about Luffyko won't know that she was a girl at first. Not only because of her tomboyish face and choice of attire, but her personality of a rowdy boy just like her three brothers often made new people misjudged her as a boy unless someone told them beforehand.
The man kneeled down again only to face the little girl this time and wiped away the tears that she didn't noticed flowing with his thumb. She gripped hold of his hand trying to say not to go or stay between her sobbing. Even-though she had only met the red haired man for a month while her brother, Luffy had been a year, she had grown attached as much like her brother to him(Shanks).
The grip was weak and he can easily pulled his hand away but he didn't and instead waited for her to calm down. With his now free hand, he begin to search for something, in his breast pocket, front and back pants pocket. When he felt he touch something, he pulled it out to find it a piece of cloth. Using the red cloth as a ribbon, he placed it around the little girl's head and tied it into a bow.
"It would be great if Luffyko dress more like a girl. It'll at least make you less uglier.” He laughed along with his friends snickers.
“But being a girl is boring. And they're weak.” She pouted, not caring being called ugly.
“Who says that girls can't be both fun and strong? Luffyko's already an evidence of it. And no matter how girly you are, you will always be our Luffyko.” The man ruffled her hair making the cloth on her head loosen a bit. The girl name Luffyko hold onto the bow to avoid it from falling and gave a small nod to the grinning man.
Both the Monkey sibling already stop crying and holding onto each other hand as they watch the red haired man along his comrades walked further forward out of the village. The older sibling of the two took a big breath, stamped his left foot forward, while still holding his younger sister's hand in his right hand while his left clenched into a fist, he shouted at the top of his lungs.
The younger looked over at her brother panting hard, his face red, eyes serious.
“When I grow up, I will go to the same school as you did and become the strongest!”
“Me too!”
The men who heard the sibling's declaration turned and gave a last wave with big grins on their face.
And that's the end of chapter one or prologue. After thinking and writing for the next chapter, I will post it on fanfiction.net~

Complete and some spoilers

I had finish my one-shot fan fiction that took me a year to finish. It's not mainly because i'm busy but because i'm lazy. I felt bad now. The title of the fan fiction is Sweet Coating' I also put a link there so you can check it out. Remember, it's a heart/clover/joker no kuni no alice fan fiction so you don't need to read if you don't know anything about the fandom.
I'm also starting a new one here's what I manage to write so far:


“Knock, knock!”
He was interrupted by a shrieking voice he knew. Instead of actually knocking, the person behind the door repeated the same continued ‘song’ and won’t stop until the said man answer it. With a sigh the man placed down his pen putting his work on hold until he felt continuing it again at least after she left. Speaking of she, the person who was behind the door already opened the door without waiting for his permission. The door gap was big enough to reveal a small blonde child with rare turquoise eyes. It’s not the color that was rare but the fact that she had eyes was.
Her eyes wandered around as if she didn’t notice the owner of the room or mansion to be more boastful was just right up front sitting behind his table while staring at the little intruder’s action. When her eyes finally landed on the only person in the room, she finally put on a new expression beside the sneaky one she had just put on earlier. This expression she just had included her round eyes sparkled and widen, her mouth open and her cheeks becoming a shade of red was funny to the man. He couldn’t tell if she was shocked, happy or maybe both but just her mere presence lighten his mood.

My goal is that I'm gonna finish this one-shot before the new year starts. It will be cute and fluffy between a cute kid and a mafia boss. To those who don't know about the fandom. Only the chosen people have eyes. It's not that everyone else don't have it, it's just that everyone else's eyes are blurred to the point you don't see them have one so they are called faceless. To those who have them are special.