Hey people. :D
Well, this world is about everything. :DD
But I'll probably be posting funny pics most of the time. :)
P.s. this pics are NOT made by me... I just find them on the internet.
Hope you all will like this world and enjoy reading/looking at it ^^

A few cartoon songs ^^

So, I'll start with Mulan..one of the best songs hehe <3

Next is from Hercules.... Another one I love hihi ^^

And last on is from Anastasia the Disney one.. When I was younger I loved Anastasia but another version..one of the old ones hehe ^^

Oh, I get so mad and sad when I watch Anastasia now since I know the history :(

Luffy Doesn't Know...

I noticed that I put just funny picture in here, so it's time for a vid.. or more ^^

I love One piece and this scene made me laugh a lot when I 1st saw it.
Out of expirience I know that poeple wont think its funny when you tell them...


Luffy Doesn't Know What A Zombie Looks Like

Raccoon Gaara

Cute o3o

External Image


From tomorrow on I'm on vacation, so I have time to surf.
This is what I found. ^^

External Image
Reminds me on logic. There is a rule for it:
All A's are B's.
All C's are A's.
All C's are B's.
So, some stupid (but logical) rules... Oh well, I hate logic.

Anyway, liked this one too.
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I was looking at pics so found this one and since Miki is my fave Shugo chara I decided to post it.
Soo cute <3

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Hope I'll get fast net soon again so that I can continue watching this anime..