Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ meets Teenage Mutant Kunoichi* Turtles™: Legend of Energy and Reflection (Enaji to Hansha no Densetsu) a.k.a. "TMNT™ meets TMKT™:LoEaR" (ミュータント•タートルズ満たし[くノ一]くのいち•タートルズ:エナジーと反射の伝説)

Story and Art-Illustrations by Mugen-Koyuki-Chii or TMNTShoujo (DA) / Dragon Anime (tO) / theInsaneAngel (FanFiction or FictionPress)
Original Story and Characters by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (Mirage Studios©)
Story Dedicated to My Nephew and his help (see copyrights)

"Ban zai... ばんざい... Cowabunga!"

Table of Contents and Summary

Table of Contents

Series Summary:
There has been several kept secrets in the last 18 years of the TMNT's life and one of them is about to advent a very shocking outcome. What is it? Who is it? Why now? Why at all? Nazé? Why? Many kept secrets, many learned and many lost, but what is about to arrive in front of the turtles is it going to be a shell shocker or what? The rest is kept as a clandestine... Until next time... another shared secret set free! Hopefully, they won't have a star-crossed encounter; an ill-fated encounter.

Background Summary:
coming soon...

Disclaimer and Claimer Copyrights:
I don't own the original TMNT characters or the original storyline that was created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird. Mirage Studios copyright © 12.28.1984. I do own the new characters, the background story and the future storyline to come. I give credit to my nephew for helping me with the story's background plot and I dedicate this piece to him for all he's done to help me with how the new characters where born. Thank you, bro.! Copyright © 09.03.2012.