Alice's Wonderland Mission Characters

Alice's Wonderland Mission™ ~Dream World~


  • Avery Kindell Mackinzie a.k.a. Alice Pleasance Liddell

Support/Major Characters

  • White Rabbit a.k.a. Darwin Terra, the Page
  • Mad Hatter a.k.a. Elliot Hatta
  • March Hare a.k.a. Eugene Haigha
  • Dormouse a.k.a. Markus Dorm
  • Cheshire Cat a.k.a. Luka Chesha
  • Duchess a.k.a. Mara Dutch
  • Caterpillar a.k.a. Gnat or Letto Farfalle
  • King of Hearts a.k.a. Red King or Léan Red
  • Queen of Hearts a.k.a. Red Queen or Aria Red
  • Knave of Hearts a.k.a. Red Knight or Axel Red

Through the Looking-Glass

  • White King a.k.a. Asher White
  • White Queen a.k.a. Stella White
  • White Knight a.k.a. Alex White
  • Tweedledum a.k.a. Aiden Tweedle
  • Tweedledee a.k.a. Ardan Tweedle

Minor Characters

  • Dinah, the cat
  • Edwin, the dog

Through the Looking-Glass

  • Snowdrip, the black kitten
  • Snowdrop, the white kitten
  • Nobody and Somebody
  • Live Flowers
  • The Monstrous Crow
  • White Horse
  • Black Horse

Other Characters and students

  • Hannah Cook
  • Reo Shine
  • Rea Shine a.k.a. Mary Ann
  • Meredith Mackinzie - Avery's sister

coming soon....

Places and Portals

  • Avery's House
  • White Queen's Castle
  • Red Queen's Castle
  • 3rd Queen's Castle
  • Rabbit's Hole (Potral 1)
  • Mirror, Mirror (Portal 2)
  • Hallway of Doors (or "Corridor of Doors")
  • Forest of Which Way!? (or "Forest of too Many Paths")
  • Time Slip Train (Protal 3)
  • Mad (Hatter's) Tea Part
  • England
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Wonderland ("Mysterious; Wonder Country")
  • Town of Leako
  • A.W.M. Universary (AWM High School) a.k.a. "Apply yourself to a Wonderful Motivation" or "Apply a Wonderful Motivation"

Based on Story/ies

Story's Name: Alice's Wonderland Mission