I finally started posting stuff! Yeah! Only took me about forever to do it! xD
Right now, I'm working on a series of Assassin's creed wallpapers. Yeah. They're gonna be my literal wallpapers!! :D
'Cause, you see, I'm making each of them with a verse of Tobuscus' Assassin's Creed Brotherhood literal video. It's gonna be awesome. xD

This Is Halloween

God I loooove Halloween!!!! I'm going to a Halloween party tonight!!! It's gonna be sooo much fun!! I have no idea what I'm gonna be dressed up as though. I'll probably just dress up as one of my OCs. I wanted to be a pantsless person! I was gonna get a long thin box, cut out the bottom and paint it black. It was gonna be a censor bar. But I can't cuz Demi won't let me. Aw well. At least I get candy!!! ^^


OMFG!!! I've submitted the same drawing four freaking times alrteady! And it STILL won't submit!! It's infuriating! I'm on the verge of hurling this laptop out of the mother frickin' window!!!


My Birthday is the 22nd of this month. (October) I wanted to have a cosplay party at my house. Sadly, my mom's making me have it a Chuck'e Cheese's. So now there are going to be a bunch of teenagers running around Chucke's Cheese in costumes. I actually think it'd be cool. My friends, on the other hand, don't. Now most of them probably aren't gonna come. TT~TT


Believe it or not, I love to draw. Sadly, I cant't post any of my drawings. Why, you ask? Because I don't have a mother f+++ing scanner. It sucks! Now, I have to go to my brother's gaurdian just to scan pictures! Any way, if you want to see some of the pictures I drew, go to Deviantart. My username is phoenix509. I wld post a link, but the school blocked it. Yeah, I'm pathetic, I know.