My life, love, and pride.

the tears i cry,
for the lie of my life,
are deeper than they seem.

i cry through pain,
some say its a game,
but not through my eyes.

eyes of blue,
i have found you,
to be my love and serenity.

though pain may hurt,
its all what we go through,
yes that is true so ture.

you are my light,
my life and pride,
i have been seeing blue skies so true.

you picked me up,
and helped me smile,
now i understnad more.

you are my love,
my life my pride,
dont leave me here to die.

all i ask,
is that you would love me back,
but i will settle for your happiness its self.

may that be,
with or without me,
all i want is you happy.

thats only cause,
i care and charrish,
the love i found in you.

you my dear,
you are my love,
my life and pride...... dont let me die.

By: hannah