hello all
this is were my life comes into play from poems of my day! haha
well, i wont post as much in this world as my other.
but i will when i have a chance.


i loves Gaara!!!

(Help me name this?) Un-named

The skies match your deliquet eyes, Full of wisdom, Yet full of ice. Smirks and laughs seap from your rediculous lies. Your taughting smile and faces galore, You rarely show me, Yet i adore. Your eyes change wi...

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Explicate... :D

It hurts to remeber the lies beneth your eyes. False smiles and laughs but truthful cries. Summer, fall, winter, spring. All of the seasons involving my pain. Triangles circulate in my mind creating indents of you. E...

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Curiousity seeps through into my veins Bring Illusion to my eyes. This curiousity brings me up to meet yours; Burning with intensity. Powerful trickery, oh how you play me.. Teasing me into something i was oblivious t...

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Cry me a river of a thousand sins.

Cry me a river of a thousand sins, Then watch me stagger back up again. I will prevail out of this darkness, and watch for my savoir...My love. I will hear the angels Voices, or the screms of demons ch...

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Different sides..

Once a family conjoined with love, once related through joyful hugs, 'Til one day everything burned from one simple shove. The family once so close and dear, faded into nothing near, geys, blacks, whites, and reds,...

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