Welcome to my mind wich is that of an 11th grade otaku videogame addict and guy who fails in relationships so this is whatever is on my mind at the moment so the range of emotions may be angry sad or happy if it's something else it's a special occasion... So enjoy my rants laugh(or not) at the bad or nerdy jokes and try to enjoy life

Scott Pilgrim vs the world

I've wanted to read the comics soooo bad and I'm getting a friend of mine to call in the order. I'm really excited for the movie though. A friend of mine says that I should go see it with my girlfriend cause the main character is like me in a way. I guess in a way cause I'm usually pretty forward with what I feel and usually awkward LOL i don't think its a bad thing though.

You ever just want to break some stuff?

I'm getting that right now. I have many friends that go to a different school and I keep in contact by phone and e-mail. This past two weeks I have been ignored and been hung up on by most of them(cept colleen and mike) and I am getting pissed about it. If they don't want to talk to me the least they could do is give me an explanation. I am giving them the benefit of the doubt though cause I love them like family and I see them as family so I understand if they are busy or caught up with something cause that happens. I just hate losing contact with them cause I am worried that they will forget about me and I would probably lose my mind if that happened...... I don't know. Talk to you guys later I'm going to go work out hopefully that will get the anger out.

Stuff never breaks even

If you don't understand that then let me explain. I could meet the girl of my dreams and move into a nice big house(Both are highly doubtful) but when those things happen something equally negative would happen in turn( I won't go into specifics due to superstition) but yeah I went to Katsucon(wich was awesome if any of you went I was the guy with the commissar hat and the mirror goggles) and due to me going to katsucon we couldn't get my house phone turned back on wich is my only outside communication at times since I don't own a cell phone. Yeah but the never break even scenario works in my favor sometimes. For example I could lose my wallet(wich has about eighty dollars in it and I have saved for emergencys) and it would be returned to me by a nice girl who likes anime and guys that are ethnically german(I had family that was never got to meet them) but that won't happen ever because as many of you know my luck sucks.. Oh well everything should work it's self out sooner or later. until next time maybe I will be in a happier mood later

Take a chance and keep cool

-Katanas challenge response-
If I could say anything I would begin with that. Life sucked for me back then in eigth grade I had a tight circle of friends and the teachers liked me other than that the whole school hated what I was, an otaku an outsider call it what you will. I met a guy who held my views with that Mike Jones(No jokes plz) AKA crispy noodle we were good friends and we could always share a laugh about anything then there was Colleen and Dara who managed to get me out of my "I hate the world" view if it wasn't for them I would be on a very dark and lonely path that I don't want to think about and I am glad I met Colleen but I had known Dara for much much longer like since kindergarten we are never lost touch and are still friends, I met Colleen due to a Naruto shirt (I've met all of my friends in weird ways) in combination we all hung out me and Mike became the Watchdog's of the group and everyone was always happy to see us Colleen was the upbeat one and Dara kept all of us levelheaded. I am glad I had such good friends because dark roads lied ahead, my life got worse and my Mom made dad leave the house it was for our own safety (he could go off wherever for all I care) money got tight and I became frustrated because I wanted a lot of things I couldn't have it became a downward spiral but it has leveled out for now the only thing that kept me sane over that time were my friends my family and my faith in God.

THis is kinda dark but bear with me I like it but I am odd

THe righteous are called to arms the sinners repent and the ground shakes judgement is upon us hells armies march and consume our cities with more wicked people gathering as each city is razed, Our final beacons of hope are the vatican and Jerusalem where the final battle will commence For now I stand at the gates of the vatican with a halbred as I hear the Pope giving us his blessing form on high the latin begins to fill the square and as we fight a light begins to shine from all those who take up the chant as we move forward the wicked turn their eyes away and beg for forgiveness but one voice rises above the din "You have been given a chance it is too late now fall with the false prophet into cabal" I never saw who yelled that all I know is after it happened we all went inside in waited the rest should be here shortly... I just thought this up quickly and thought it would be cool to write so yeah.