hey my friends!! (wanna be friends)
welcome to this world! comment talk to me bout anything random or not!
me luves to hear wats u guys have to say!


it has come to my attention that some ppl can't pm me!! and sign my gest book and such! well i have a temporary solution to this problem!! if you would like to talk to me just put a comment on this post and i will be making many more of these for yall to comment on until they fix this problem!! and hopefully they fix this SOON! if any1 can't pm me or anything else just comment somewhere. k
luve ya!
*dance chan*


OMG yall this WHOLE month i've been tellin' myself "you have a WHOLE month before try outs, you don't have to practice at home!" well Monday i was talkin to a girl and she said "can you believe that try outs are next week!!" and now i only have a couple of days. truly its not like i havn't had ANY practice i mean i go to their open pracitces on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. so i do get practice in. its just try outs kinda... snuk up on me! *sigh* now i'm sorta nervous bout it! i hope i make it!!


to day i was supose to go with my grandma and go to book a million, then go to her house. well latly i've been hankerin' to go to get a comic! and EVERY atempt at going has been in vain!!!! i've been waiting like forever to go and NEVER get the chance!! its like fate hates me and is ALWAYS aginst me! someday i WILL get Shugo Char (2nd) and To Heart (2)!!!

Art Trades and Requests

hey u guys i would like some art to work on! latly i've been in kinda of a slumb, just don't kno wat to draw!! so i would injoy doing some thing for somebody!!

Wats u wants to talk bout!

just comment bout somethin!