Slow Golfers Ahead

Joe decided to take his boss phil to play nine holes on their lunch.
While both men played excellently,they were often held up by two women in front of Them - Moving at a very slow pace.
Joe offered to talk to the women and see if they could speed things up a bit.
He got about half of the way there,stopped and jogged back.
His boss asked what the problem was."well,one of those women is my wife and the other my mistress," complained Joe. Phil just shook his head at Joe and started toward the women, determined to finsh his round of golf.
preparing to ask the ladies to speed up their game, he too stopped short and turned around.
"What's wrong?" asked Joe.
"It's a small,small world joe,and YOU'RE FIRED!"

The amazing golf ball

A golfer,playing a round by himself,is about to tee off,and a greasy little salesman runs up to him and yells,"wait! before you tee off,I have something really amazing to show you!"

The golfer get annoyed,says"what is it?"
"it's a special golf Ball,"says the salesman you can never lose it!"
What do you mean?scoffs the golfer,you can never lose it?what if you hit it into the water?
No problem,"says the salesman.
it Emits a beeping sound,and you can find it even with your eyes closed."
"Okay,"says the golfer impressed."but what if your round goes late and it gets dark?"
"no problem,sir this golf ball glows in the dark!"I'm telling you,you can never lose this golf ball!"

The golfer buys it at once."just one last question"
He says to the salesman"where did you get it?"
"I found it xd."