Super Mario Hyadain Crossover!!!

XD lol another unfinished animation, but i think its slightly longer than the rest. anywaaay. Its the Mario Hyadain song with, so far, JB Michelle, Edward Elric, Cosmo, and Anti-Cosmo. :]

UnFinished Animation: Soul Eaters

Whew! I need to get more comp paper so i can make moar. :D So far the characters are Anti-Cosmo, JB, Ed, and Envy.

lol got it to show on my World. :] BOUT TIME!! :]


Ok, so I decided to make a world where I can post some animations im making. Trust me it's a long proccess so don't expect consecutive updates. I draw it out on paper, scan it, resize it all on paint, then put them on Windows Movie Maker. Its harder than it sounds. It takes me 4 days to make a 17 second animation.
Constructive Criticism and comments only, please. no flames.
And its all prolly gonna be uncolored, sorry!

ehem... This is my first animation. Hopefully it shows, if not.... Damn you, YouTube. XD
uhmmm... It's a short one; FMA/FOP/oc crossover. enjoy!
I got the voice clips from a Fop episode.
question me if u get confused.... XD