A collection of Wonderful Heartwarming Anime Instrumentals

Fragrance of Dark Coffee

Check this out, Makes you wanna drink in a cafe too,right? ^_^

...Blacker than a moonless night, hotter and more bitter than hell itself… That is coffee.

Howl's Moving Castle (Movie Theme)

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Don't you think it's lovely to hear... and waltz? And Howl is just so AWESOME!!!!

Spirited Away- One Summer's Day

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Very Lovely Music... It makes you want to cry...(really a fan of ghibli films)

Spirited Away
One Summer's Day

xxxHolic - Reason (Piano)

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Check this out,it makes you feel like you're inside a cafe when you listen to this:

Song: "Reason" (xxxHolic ED 1)
Singer: Fonogenico
Lyrics:Read It Here

D.Gray Man - Musician (Piano and Violin Version)

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Remember the scene where Allen Walker was moving the Ark using a piano song?(episode 92 & 93 perhaps?) The song was so pretty that a lot managed to get the music sheets for the particular song.

Title : Musician (Piano Version)
Yumi Mitora Kusakurin / Yumi Morita Kusakari

Check out these two different versions ^_^

Piano Version With Violin

Piano Version