it doesnt matter what kind of music you like .i like j-rock ,hard rock ,glam metal, metal and others but i made this world for all kind of music and i want to know what kind of music do you like .if you want to post something in my world pm me and i will update my guest post ,this way this world will be with all kind of music

get scared - badly broken

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.

Those who follow me know I've been obsessed with Gorillaz, and while I've posted a few links, I want to dedicate a few posts to just their music. So here's one of my favorites, as well as the song that got me into them in the first place:

Eminem - Without Me

Yes, I am a shameless fan of Eminem. I may not have heard all his favorites, but I have heard a few, and one of my favorites by him Slim Shady is "Without Me", demonstrated here:

Adams <3

I would just like to say that this is a band formed by adam and shota a couple years ago and their music is awesome.
I would really go to a concert if their performing.
I love them <3