it doesnt matter what kind of music you like .i like j-rock ,hard rock ,glam metal, metal and others but i made this world for all kind of music and i want to know what kind of music do you like .if you want to post something in my world pm me and i will update my guest post ,this way this world will be with all kind of music

new AMV

this is the new amv i've made with anime :zankyou no terror . song : it has begun-starset

NIGHTCORE - made by me

this is a nighcore made by me ,
music : save yourself by my darkest days
the anime in the image : guilty crown

ungreatful-escape the fate

an awesome song <3

Bullet for my valentine -Alone (Music video)

guilty crown amv (made by me )

song :not strong enough - apocalyptica
anime: guilty crown
this is an amv that ive made since in summer and i thought of sharing it with you :D