Hello, and welcome to the Satellite of Love. This world is dedicated to the comedy phenomenon that is Mystery Science Theater 3000. It's a show about an average guy and his robot pals, stuck up in space and forced by a mad scientist to watch the worst movies ever made. Their only defense: the ability to make fun of the movies in a desperate effort to keep their sanity.

So just relax and join Joel Robinson, Mike Nelson, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot as they endure the most painful films in cinema history, armed with nothing but their sense of humor.

Boxsets 13, 17, and 18 on sale

Amazon is currently having a sale on three MST3K boxsets: The 20th anniversary, volume 17, and volume 18.

All sets have a MSRP of $60 and are on sale for $26.

The 20th Anniversary set (volume 13) contains First Spaceship on Venus, Laserblast, Werewolf, and Future War. (Link)

Volume 17 (XVII) contains The Crawling Eye, The Beatniks, The Final Sacrfice, and Blood Waters of Dr. Z. (Link)

Volume 18 (XVIII) has Lost Continent, Crash of the Moons, The Beast of Yucca Flats, and Jack Frost. (Link)

I don't know how long this sale will go on, so get them while you can!

Volume XX titles announced

Right before the release of volume 19, we've got the titles for 20. Joel fans, this one's for you - it's an entire Joel set!

Movies on the set are:

Episode 109- Project Moonbase (w/shorts "Commando Cody and the Rocket Men from the Moon" parts 7 and 8)
Episode 322 - Master Ninja I
Episode 324 - Master Ninja II
Episode 505 - The Magic Voyage of Sinbad

No release date is given yet, though I expect it around March.

And just a reminder, volume 19 comes out this Tuesday, the 9th.

One-day only boxset deal

This is only for today, July 24th, but Amazon has boxsets 15 and 17 for $26.

Titles on volume 15 are The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy, The Girl in Lovers Lane, Zombie Nightmare, and Racket Girls.

Volume 17 has The Crawling Eye, The Beatniks, The Final Sacrifice, and Blood Waters of Dr. Z.

And of course, the mystic link to snag them.

Volume XIX titles announced

A week after the release of Volume XVIII, Shout! Factory has supplied us with a list of what's to come on volume 19. Basic summary: MONSTER MONSTER DEVIL DEVIL. But disregard that; the titles are...

Episode 107 - Robot Monster (w/shorts "Commando Cody and the Rocket Men from the Moon" Parts 4 and 5)
Episode 423 - Bride of the Monster (w/short "Hired!" Part 1)
Episode 818 - Devil Doll
Episode 911 - Devil Fish

Also included in the set will be a Gypsy figurine to go along with the ones of Crow and Servo previously released.

Extras and street date are unknown, though I predict sometime in November.

Volume XVIII titles announced

Hot on the heels of the release of set 17, the folks at Shout! Factory have already relayed to us what the next set holds:

Episode 208 - Lost Continent
Episode 417 - Crash of the Moons w/ short “General Hospital” Part 3
Episode 621 - The Beast of Yucca Flats w/shorts "Money Talks" and "Progress Island, USA"
Episode 813 - Jack Frost

The most noticeable difference in this set is finally getting a non-season one episode, which have been on four of the five Shout! sets. "Crash of the Moons" is the so-called sequel to "Manhunt In Space", which was released on Volume XIV. And attenders to Movie Sign should note that we've watched two of these episodes in the group.

No release date has been given as of yet, though I'm guessing sometime in July or so.