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You all know how life can be confusing, especially when it comes to love. Love, ha, what a word. It can mean so much, but at the same time, so little. What exactly is it? is it a word, a feeling, a promise, or something that cannot ever be explained? Who knows the answer? But that's not what I am going to write about.....no. What I am going to write about is a guy that is too blind to see, and one that is going to open his eyes;

I was in my junior year, with a lot of life ahead of me. So why did i feel like ending it? well, I have had a lot of relationships, all that have which ended badly. Now I have been trying to get this guy for about three years, and recently I found out that he likes two other girls and as for me, I am just here. But I wanted him so badly that it made me sick. Everyone was saying that I should move on, but that's one thing that I hate... Letting go after so much time. It made me cry when I straight up asked him if I was wasting my time and he said yes. So I again learned the hard way that I was never going to belong to him. Nor he to me. So he is the one that is blind. He will never see the good that I could bring, or the bad. I guess that is a good thing, I wont have another heart break. But like my favorite song says, "I'd rather hurt then feel nothing at all." [Lady Antebellum-Need You Now] So I guess I lost that one. But like I said, there's one more. He is beginning to see that I have some feelings towards him, and he is showing some interest. I think that I may have a chance, because he is opening his eyes to new possibilities, me! But that sounds bad... lol. he may be just exploring more and find out that I am not the one he wants. But hey, at least I will help him find out what he doesn't want. So that's all.

Please tell me if you have had the same situation. I would love to hear that I am not the only one that is experiencing this.

<3 always, Mrs.Cowgirl


Why cant boys be simple? then again, why cant girls be simple? why cant we just tell each other that we like each other and then try things out? why do we hide these things? Idk. maybe it's just me... but some secrets are better said than keep.

A guy I want

So there's this guy that I like. His name is Eric, Eric Goeken to be exact. He's sweet, caring, and I seem to have the downfall of not being able to tell him. I want him, and I have been trying to get him since my Freshman year. (im not a junior) He doesn't see the signs... or if he does, he hasn't replied to them. It make me sad. I need to tell him, but for the first time in my life i am scared to tell a guy i like him. I talk to him constantly, and yet, i still seem to be invisible. Why? My heart's breaking because a part of me wants to just walk up and kiss him and tell him "i want you to be mine" but the other wants to wait for him... help please. I will eventually get him, but idk if i can wait that long???

Ladies i know that you have had this problem before. And men, you have too. Tell me what you did to help yourself, or if you did something to a friend in this rough time. I could really use some advise... Please share your story.

<3 always,


You know that love is a bit confusing. You have the people that love you and the people that want to make you suffer and tell you that they do, when they don't. Love is what makes up this land of Chaos. Guys are mean, but not all are. some make great boyfriends but they may not be that great to you. It will always be there and it will never be gone from any girls or boys heart. It's not something to kill yourself about, believe me, i know. I tried to kill myself and realized that it really wasn't worth it. Have faith in your self and always know that if this one isn't right, there will be more that will be wrong... but there will always be the right one waiting for you. never give up hope for when you don't look for love it will come and get you. And if it seems like every time one guy gets you and another comes along and tries to take you, stay with the one your with now, for if you don't, karma may come and bit you. Plus you should always stick it out, if the situation is not jeopardizing your health, safety, and/or well being. NEVER STAY if they are beating you. THERE IS help out there and someone who will come to your rescue.

Love always,