Happy New Years, you guys <333333!!
I hope '11 will be the greatest year so far!
Plus there's only 1 more year before 2012 WOOHOO~

RPG Game Idea -_-

There should be a RPG called "School RPG"
because it'd actually work... like, your different classes could be the Worlds you travel. Homework/classwork can be those small random encounters that nobody likes. After you kill some of those you'll raise your EXP points/ brain powah. Tests can be your Boss Battles. As you are fighting the boss, if you keep stressing out you'll lose your HP and eventually die (or fail the test). Then you can use your knowledge/magic and own the boss/test. You and your classmates could be in a "Party" and you'd all be chea- i mean, working together to defeat the boss [and making sure that the teacher or something doesn't catch you..]. Totally a not so great idea. Maybe I should make an RPG for this sometime once I learn how xD

I came up with this craziness while studying for the 6 tests I have this week (three of them being in World History.. shoot)
At the end of this week I can expect two or three F's on my report card XD

~Mr. Rockles


Okay, truthfully, I've been on here before. Its just that I never really did anything on here. But, recently I've learned to draw a bit, so I hope I can improve during my 2nd or 3rd stay >_<

Currently working on a series of 4komas (I only have two up to date though), chibi requests, and a few contests/challenges.

So how's everyone? Haha..