About Me:

I am male. Hence the name, MaleRagDoll.

I am gay and I dress like a girl. And despite the fact that Ive "phsyically mingled" with women I've overall found them clingy and unsatisfying. Besides I lack the drive and experience(or lackthereof) of a pseudo straight, sexless, and well-parented child.

I am generally pleasant but deep down my nature is cynical and analyzing. I could know just about everything about you already. I dont mean to patronize however.

I am no tree hugger and I eat meat. I also am totally for animal testing. I must be horribly evil too.

I dont just like Anime. I like other cartoons and shows as well. My favorite anime and manga are Jisatsu Circle, Elfen Lied, Loveless, and Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. I know, I'm disturbed.

I have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and schizophernia.

Read my MyOtaku profile for more.....that is....if you dare.

In love!

And youll never guess who w/! ^__^
But go ahead, guess.


More than anything I know....I'm not doing so well. Keep up w/ me by visittting myOtaku page if you CARE about me. I hardly post anything here.


So now I have to post 8 facts about myself....curses....

1. Ive subscribed to VOGUE and Elle magazine
2. Ive lost count of all the lays I've had.
3. Unlike most Anime fans, I totally admit to being a weeaboo.
4. My favorite perfume is Romance by Ralph Lauren.
5. I had my first guy on guy date when I was 12.
6. I model as well design.
7. I have big junk and big hair. The rest of me is small.
8. I have 3 tatooes. Can you guess what they're of?


A little design I did for fun. Dedicated to Karasu and his buddies! Potential CD cover nyeh? ^__^

Not commenting

Simple as that. Oh and if anyone has any happy pills hook me up. My mom wont let me have mine. Along with much needed painkillers and vitamins and whatever you call the ones that generally keep you from dying.