I realize i hadn't made an introduction, yet i still feel my work here is self explanatory. not just because each post explains the newest topic on my mind, but because each is so similar. As you have guessed this is the world where i explain things that interest me enough to relate it to art and try to explain what art is to all types of people. This is sort of like the way some teach math in the form of foot ball. (when my step mum tried that i had know idea what anything meant,)
i am abstract,

world real art

You must have noticed that most of the natural art around the world looks fake. I often look at realisticly fake clouds or painted skies that look photo shoped. Striving for perfection may just mean you need to relax and except some of your mistakes. The world looks exactly the way you make it and like snowflake no world looks alike and they change with time.

art trade

well i have started art trades, ^u^ its like mini challenges where 2 people make a challenge and deticate the work to eachother, i have made 2 art trades so far, they are fun, see teh results for your self. if you want im open for trades ^u^

trade results:

#1. with LGA775
his summer
mine winter

#2. with ryo or demon
hers Fredrick
mine Mel

thanks for trading

thanks 4 our latest feature

You all know about our new feature, and a few of you believe it just allows others to steel your work. well posting your work in view of the public already puts it out there, why not give it a chance? this way you give permission and its labeled asn an inspired work.it seems to me like a conveniant way to show how much people like your art. would it be so bad to get more fans? i have already made a few ecards and a wallie using the new feature, and it is fun and im sure it would have taken me much longer to make them with out the help of our briliant Otakans. I thank those of you who allow your art to be used.Just remember the choice is still yours and its only steeling if they post it with out permission and dont add the neccesary links.

(i promise to always get permission first)

Thanks bossman

what is the best?

i believe the best art isnt always the one made from those with the most experiance. It can be found commonly in the works of those who actually try. The best works are those that are given an effort. Many people give up on art thinking they will never amount to anything. That they could never be as good as those they admire. they are wrong they can be the best at any work if only the try.

Here is a link to a challenge that is collecting many different versions of works, it is here to show our admiration to all those who are epic.
I LOVE YOU! Dx *shot*


I stared drawing anime when winged came home one day saying that she watched anime and it was way more awesome than our beginner D&D and more popular than Harry potter.(well she didn't say it like that, but its the impression she gave)once she showed me how much different it was from my real life drawing attempts i was then interested. but when my friend let me stay over and watch Inuyasha and Zatch bell i became, addicted!

Now i have had a few requests to teach a drawing class,over the years. the main problem is that my students are not in the same town and a few not even in the same country. as a result i have decided to make my own how draw anime.Now i keep a promise and i have started making a comic for my gallery on how to draw like me. I will use many techniques because i know how different people are.

(*note* yes i do feel qualified to teach, and i have been teaching my little brother. he has done well on the hands.)

when i get my comic up loaded i will link it in the space bellow:

Here: arrived

as an added feature i will be posting cgalleges to see if any one is actually benifitting from this,
first challenge