Soundtrack Spotlight: Everything Is Illuminated (2005)

Download the mp3 here.

Movie: Everything is Illuminated (2005)
Soundtrack composed by: Sergei Shnurov

Yes, the audio quality on the video is pretty bad at times (the mp3 is fine), but I feel that I must showcase the awesomeness that is the music of this movie. I'm not even basic music theory-savvy, so I'll just stick to ranting for this (hopefully) new section of this World.

One thing I love is how the mood changes from one minute to the other. I believe it represents the movie perfectly: the underlying sense of tragedy and heartbreak, it's like still managing to smile after going through the roughest period in your life. You have to see the movie to fully understand everything, and I wholeheartedly encourage this. I hope I'll be able to re-watch and review this movie soon, listening to the soundtrack got me all hyped up :]

So, what do you say to this new section? Yay or nay?