Kelly Martin was a normal High School Girl, **shows a close up of Kelly, has hair in two pig tails, wears braces, thick black glasses** She had many friends **two popular girls walk past her** "NERD!" "GEEK!" Kelly was the
brighest and smartest kid in her class. Her favorite subject was math. **Kelly is sitting in class doing her math** She loved band **kelly is standing outside playing a tune on her flute** But most of all, she loved her boyfriend.
**Her boyfriend *Alec Patterson* walks up and gives her a hug** The only thing stopping Kelly from having the picture perfect life was that she was constantly bullied. ** Kelly is walking with books in her hand and a boy comes up and knocks all the books out of her hands and takes away her glasses** That is, until on day in band-well, you'll just have to watch and find out! Jaci Rhoderick stars in The High Schooler.

**Story line**

*After school hours in the back parking lot, Kelly, Samantha, and Mark are standing in a circle around Marks Truck, Kelly is looking at her scrapped elboe*
Samantha: You know Kelly, you shouldn't let those people bully you and get away with it.
Mark: Yeah, Sam's right, you should really do something about it.
*Kelly pulls a bandaid out of her purse*
Kelly: Do you not think i've tried? This thing has been going on for ten years now, i'm used to it...*She tries to apply the bandaid to her elboe but doesn't susceed*
Samantha: would you like me to help you Kelly?
Kelly: NO no, I-I can get it. *kelly squats down and gets a consentrated look on her face, her eyes crossed with her tongue sticking out.*
Mark: heheh, you never ceise to make me laugh Kelly.
*kelly finally gets it on, she stands up and fixes her left pig tail*
Kelly: I'm not trying to uh, be funny its just that i-so how was-with
Kelly: yeah that, hows going it?
Mark: good
Samantha: yes, and i'm enjoying my Saxaphone, i'm glad you got me into band Kelly.
Mark: its ashame that i'm in drama club, it paralises me so that i can't be in band at the same time...*Mark says under his breath* why did they have to scheuled at the same time...
Kelly: yes, and the band teacher says that he chose a good first chair flutiest
Sam: oh? who's that? *samantha chuckled*
Kelly: Oh now come on Samantha thats not very nice!
Mark: she was just joking
Kelly: well with the day i've been having i can't tell whats true and whats not anymore...
*just then Stephine ran up*
Stephine: KELLY, SAM!!!
Kelly&Sam: WHAT?!
Stephine: guess what the band diractor just said!
Samantha: what did he say?
Kelly: Who's it whats now in smothen.?!
Mark: are you serious!?
Samantha: WOAH! Really!?
Stephine: yes! but there is one thing that kelly needs to do
Mark: What is it?
Samantha: yeah what is it?
Stephine: Well Kelly has to come up with her own song, and it has to be atleast thirty seconds long
Kelly: Whats now?!
Samantha: that should be easy don't you think?
Mark: I don't think Kelly's listing Sam, i think she's still shocked
Stephine: Kelly!
Kelly: huh?! what...oh sorry, I-I think i can-
Samantha: we will get on it right away
Stephine: she needs two other instraments, and a voice, so since i'm in percussion, and you play the Sax, all we need is a voice
Mark: I was in Choir for three years
Stephine: thats perfect! we each can work on our own part, but we have to hear Kelly's first before we can add in our parts
Samantha: do you think your ready for this Kelly?
Kelly: O'course I am!
Mark: Good, i can wait!
Stephine: neither can i, do you think you can have it to use by monday kelly? that would give you the whole weekend
Kelly: yeah sure! i can give it to you guys in band on monday.
Samantha: ok sounds good
Mark: yes, it most sertantly does, well, i have to go home now.
Stephine: yeah same here, mom wants me to fix dinner tonight, were having spagettie
Samantha: sounds good, well see you guys later!
Stephine: bye!
Mark: see ya!
Kelly: Come on Sam, lets go home
Samantha: agreed
*mark got in his truck and drove off as Kelly and Samantha walked through the park. Stephine just hand to walk down the hill to get to her house, so it wasn't that much of a chore. Kelly and Samantha talked as they were walking though the park. They finally got to their street and Kelly walked up her drive way and went into her house and Samantha continued down the street a few houses.*