Moorina FAQ~

What programs do you use?
I use SAI paint tool, Photoshop and I have a tablet.

What other sites are you on?
I'm mainly on DA and Gaia. Both are also Moorina.

will add more later~

ACEN and watch me draw live

Hey guysssss, guess who got an artist alley table for ACEN 2010 8DDDDDD

I'm so happy you have no idea djnskfnkds <3

I will post more about exact locations and such when they give me details, but for now I'm happy as a pig in mud!

Anyways, part two of this update is that I have started to have live stream sessions where you can watch me on bad webcam quality doodle ugly messy things lol;;

I only post when I have the stream on on my twitter, so if you're interested please add me : Moorina.

I usually don't twit much so don't worry about me spamming xD

Moo out.

Touhou WIP

Something I'm working on ^^

Naruto Print question

Hey everyone~ I wonder if anyone's gonna see this... but I was planning to do a Naruto print for ACEN 2010. I was wondering if anyone thinks the below idea is buyable.

girl Naruto (sexy no jutsu) and normal Sasuke both in gothic lolita wear. Maybe with a Sakura plushie.

Tell me if you think people would buy it~ Thanks!

Makin' Chibis

External Image External Image External Image
External Image
Category is Gaia but some are the commissioner's OC orz

First entry!

Entry for an art contest on Gaia ^^