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Payphone by Maroon 5 ft. Wiz Khalifa

I just had to post this |D kinda catchy too. Also explicit. But hey, still a good song.:3


I am so not emo..>3>

Well, I'm not.|D I just like this song.lulz The video is animated but shorter, so I just decided to use the longer version of the song with lyrics.:3 Hope you all like it.^^

So Alone by Anna Blue



I'll give a gift(to that person) if anyone can guess who this is.:D

Here and Now

Love this song.|3 I hope you all like it as well.:3 Here and Now by Seether Enjoy~ ...

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No one gets left behind

Five Finger Death Punch.|3 Newer stuff I'll post up a little later as long as there are more than 2 songs that everybody knows (Under and over it..and Remember Everything) KK :3 For now, I have this song for you all.^^ Enjoy~ ...

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Casual Sex by My Darkest Days

New song from a new album, Casual Sex by My Darkest Days. The new album is coming out this spring, so whoever likes MDD, keep your eyes peeled for it this spring.:3