Hello and welcome to my music world, where I will be posting music videos, lyric videos and whatever else comes to mind. Also, I will be posting updates and news about bands and new releases.:3 And if you want to be a guest poster, just ask.^^

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Number pick (#3)

Dylan's (aka Linku-kun) pick. Number 429 out of 1,622.

We Laughed Until we Cried by Jason Aldean.

Enjoy~ ^^

Number pick (#2)

teapartprincess's pick. Number 3 out of 1,622

The Road I'm on by 3 Doors Down

Enjoy~ :3

Number pick (#1)

Blake's pick. Number 472 out of 1,622. Girl Can't Help It by Journey. Enjoy~ ^-^ ...

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Someone! Anyone!

Pick a number between 1 and 1,622.|D

That is all.

Not Falling by Mudvayne

What does this song remind you of?|3 Always, known in, all my time, a littl...

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