CHARMS and other updates

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EVEN THOUGH CHARMS IS IN CAPS IN THE TITLE, I haven't actually ordered charms yet... This post is just going to be me rambling about my plans to order. (?? POINTLESS! I just want to post more here, haha.)

Anyway, I found this new place to order charms from that I'm really excited about!!! It's called Acorn Press, and they let you order more charm designs for less charms total, and their rates are also cheaper than Chilly Pig Studio (which is what I used before). I'm excited about them because my previous charms were on white acrylic and only 1.5" tall... but since the pricing is more convenient for Acorn Press, I'm gonna go and order some 2" clear acrylic charms for Anime USA. *U*/ I personally like bigger charms more (and clear acrylic ones), so idk. I'm excited to order them... And since they're bigger, I'm gonna keep the shading on them this time instead of having the charms unshaded (versus the shaded stickers).

Originally, the new charms I was going to order were going to be the Fire Emblem set, but I'm going to try to profit off of Overwatch since that's so big right now. -u-b Acorn Press lets me choose 5 designs for 50 charms, so the ones I'm going to be ordering are Tracer, D.Va, Soldier 76, Junkrat, and Lucio. I'm not really sure who's popular, but I'm pretty sure Tracer, D.VA, and Soldier 76 are 3 of the more popular ones right now.....??? The Junkrat and Lucio stickers I posted got the most notes on tumblr out of all the individual stickers though, so I thought I'd have them be the last two charms. (That might just be some weird tumblr popularity slant idk.)

IN TERMS OF CONCERN FOR THESE CHARMS, I'm not really sure where I want to buy the straps from... last time I kinda just got them off ebay or something, but the quality wasn't fantastic. I'm gonna try to BE BRAVE and ask around on tumblr. -0-/;;;; (IF ANYONE HERE KNOWS... THAT'D BE GREAT TOO...!!!)

But yeah, that's charms. I really wanna order them soon... maybe this weekend, idk. As far as other stuff goes, I had my first week of classes (I don't have class on Fridays) and they seem pretty decent. I decided to take my art class pass-fail because I don't want to stress to hard about it. @[email protected])9 Luckily I don't have any textbooks to buy this year...!! I have to buy art supplies though.

I'm kinda stressed about jobs though.... I went to a resume lecture the other day and I have like nothing for my resume 'cause I've never had a job and don't belong to any clubs. S W E E T. Jobs. I'm probably going to try for JET or some other teach-English-in-Japan program for a couple years just so I can get better at Japanese and better understand Japanese culture. BUT! I DON'T WANT TO GO BY MYSELF!!! I'M A BABY AND SCARED! I also hate traveling ughgughglsdkfja. And Japanese apartments don't typically have central heating, I think. I'M A PAMPERED FOOL!!!! Idk what's going on.

BUT UH, now's not the time to talk about that. JUST GOTTA FOCUS ON AUSA AND SCHOOL FOR THE TIME BEING... *U*)7 Anyway thanks for reading this blob of nothing.

BY THE WAY, I wanna post more blabby posts about my characters to my various planning world... I don't really expect any of you to really keep track of my characters, but if any of you have any questions about my characters or want to know more about a specific character FEEL FREE TO LET ME KNOW....!!! I'LL BE REALLY HAPPY AHAHA. I love talking about my characters and I always wanna blab about them... sorry if it's ever annoying that I only ever post OC stuff, hahaha. xD;