Anyone know any good art websites? ;0;/

Mood: lonelyyyy

Hey, posting at a weird time 'cause why not. -0-/

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows of any good art communities/websites other than deviantART and tumblr! I'm just wondering because I want to make more online friends with people who draw, but idk where else to post my stuff and meet people...

I have both a dA and a tumblr, but I rarely post to dA... and I've been too exhausted by how many updates I have to go through because of who I've followed over the years that I don't even really look through people's stuff. x_x I essentially post the most to tumblr and have a decent amount of followers for my personal standards, but tumblr's such a eerily quiet website that I don't really get the chance to interact much at all with other people who draw... :T I also want to blab about my OCs, but I feel weird blabbing on tumblr about them, haha.

BUT YEAH... just lookin' for another place to post art. I WANT... TO MAKE MORE FRIENDS............. /PATHETIC LIFE

I'll still be here too of course. TheO is my ~*~true home~*~ and true place for me to post and ramble about my OCs. B) That said I haven't made a long world post about any of my OCs in a while.... eventually I will. They take a long time for me to type;; :Y
I say this as if someone actually looks forward to reading my huge OC blabby posts AHEH;;;

Idk how to end this, so I'll just stop here. :Y