I Need a Haircut!

Mood: Hungry

My hair is at a length where I can make it look like Dean Johnson's hair.
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Aw, yeah. Dean-Akioh staring off into the sunset... or mirror, because that's what I was actually looking at. 8D
Also, I'm the master of taking blurry photos. WOO-HOO.

Oh yeah, I had a portfolio review thing, didn't I?

It went about as good as I expected it to go... which is "very extremely awkward and weird"-like. :I;;;;; I think the weird thing was that the guy reviewing my portfolio asked almost no questions, so sometimes I was thinking "W-WHAT AM I GOING TO SAY..."
One of the questions he did as was "What's your favorite band?"
What? xD;
Anyways, he told me if I do get accepted that I'll have to start creating drawings that actually mean something. I know most of my drawings don't have a meaning per-se, and I definitely see his point. At the same time, I don't want to draw force some shocking/"meaningful" drawing out of myself just for the sake of it. :m The school focuses a lot on gallery artists, and I don't see myself as a gallery artist... I just want to go to school to learn how to draw better. I'm still on the fence about going to that school if I even get accepted.

So yep. There's that.
Oh, also, when people were putting up their portfolios they were really good. *3* But I was too embarrassed to look at them because mine was boring. HOHO...

Another weird thing was that I was the only one dressed up. My mom wanted me to look business-savvy, so I just kind of rolled with it. Everyone else was pretty casual, though. xD;

YEP. I should go do some homework, now. 8D Bye!