Valentine's Day SS wishlist

For the Valentine's Day SS event

Hello secret Santa! :D Here's my wishlist! I hope you find something to draw that interests you!

1) Any of my OCs, which can be found floating around my portfolio or in the introduction of my Various Planning world.
Some of my favorites are:

Or if you're ambitious and up for drawing a couple, my favorites are Zack and Michka or Stefan and Gabe (who I linked to at the top). (Yeah, the last one's bl.) (Sorry.)

2) Jun Fujiwara and/or Shin Tachibana from Negative-kun to Positive-kun.
It's a BL, but it's reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally tame. It's PG at the absolute highest. You can draw either one of them if you don't like drawing bl or two people in a picture, but I'd prefer a picture of them together. :)
Also, I really recommend the manga, even if you don't like BL! 8D It's really cute! And it's practically G-rated! I'm saying this now because not many people have read it and there's no fan art for it on dA... ;u;
Refs: [click] (Shin on the left, Jun on the right)
[click] (Jun on the left, Shin on the right)
[black and white] (Shin on the right, Jun on the left)

3) And as always, Marth, Roy, Ike, and/or Pit from the Super Smash Bros series are always an option. c:
References: [Marth], [Roy], [Ike], [Pit]
Or you could draw them in these school uniforms I used to draw them in all the time. :D

THANKS IN ADVANCE, SECRET SANTA!!!! ;U; Good luck with drawing the picture, and happy early Valentine's Day!