Comment Spree Day!

Hey guys, merry couple-days-after-Christmas!! :DDDD I really wanted to draw something, but I didn't have time... hopefully I'll at least finish sketching that winter comic. ;u;

I mostly got clothes for Christmas, but I also got:

  • A Camera
  • Star Trek episodes on DVD
  • Ponyo on DVD
  • This really weird video game that my dad got me
  • A Louis (from One Direction) key chain (?!?!?!?! I have no idea. It was in my stocking. My sisters got one, too. xD)
  • Cucumber Quest vol. 1

Hooray! 8D

Also, today is COMMENT SPREE DAY! Adam made a post about it yesterday, but he should make another notification sometime today too. Let's get an early start and get commenting! 8D

Happy almost new year, also! :> Yes.