Happy Thanksgiving!

That's all I have time to say, sorry. D: My grandma's computer is REEEALLY slow... so yeah. That's also my excuse for not commenting or hugging things today and yesterday. ;m; My backroom has so much stuff I need to view...

Well, since it's Thanksgiving, I guess I can give you guys some sort of present or something! :D (what)
I'm doing sketch-doodle-things on gaia right now, so I'll open them up here too. :D First three people to post a request get a free sketch-doodle-thing on lined paper! 8D Yeah, I know that's not really a great present but... whatever, it's something. xD And I'm bored.
Make sure you tell me what you want me to draw, and provide a reference!

1. greenleAfe (Finished)
2. Ryuchu (Finished)
3. Kailith (Finished)

I may not get these scanned until I come home... sorry. ;u;