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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 18. GAH. Or I can still pretend I'm vigintillion.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.

TinierMe Name: Akioh

Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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Costume Progress

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Hey guys! Looks like I just finished my 2nd week of school... which is weird, because it just feels like a continuation of last school year. xD;

But anyways, before that I just want to talk about the progress I've made with my Luli costume. Get ready for some bad-quality, strangely-angled, iPad-taken pictures!
So far, I haven't tailored or added anything to the dress (the most important part...). But I did buy some cool knee-length stockings! :V AND ALSO A PETTICOAT! Which is necessary. The petticoat I got is kind of weird because it's not made out of cloth, so much as synthetic stuff... which idk, it makes it a little uncomfortable to wear. Also, it's a little loose. But whatever, it works and I can keep it up on my body using a belt. :U I've been able to mess around with it and the dress a bit, so I have a general idea of how I think I'm going to fix up the dress.

Here's how the dress I'm going to tailor looks:
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Other than the color, it looks nothing like Luli's dress. xD Which is where the petticoat comes in. The petticoat is supposed to make it puffy like Luli's skirt:
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However, when I simply put the petticoat underneath of the dress, it looked like this:
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Because the dress was form-fitting from the waist to the top of the thigh, the dress kind of squished the petticoat and prevented it from puffing out all the way. It didn't have the right kind of shape.

So I need to pull the dress up from the waist to allow a wider circumference for the petticoat:
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Like this. That way the petticoat puffs from the waist out. Then I'll cut from the bottom up if I need to shorten the length.
By the way, the dress isn't pinned or sewn or anything in this picture. xD; I have a lot of cloth just bunched up in the back. I was holding it together with my fist, but when I let go it just stayed like that.

So that's what I plan to do. :D Hopefully I can start next weekend. I can't pin the dress up on my own, so I'm going to use my friend whose about the same size as me as a mannequin. HOHOHO.

And yeah. I want to finish by Halloween... ;u; Besides what I need for the dress what I have so far are the gloves, hat, and stockings... I still need to buy a wig (which I may do this weekend), shoes, and an umbrella. BUT YEAH! It's getting there... sorta... xD;

By the way, here are my wig options:
[one], [two], [three], [four]
The first one is the most expensive, but it's the one I like the best as far as the color goes. Although, the pigtails are a bit long. Same thing about the pigtails with the second and third ones. The last one is the cheapest and has short pigtails, but it comes from e-bay so it's questionable... and the color is also my least favorite. :T HUM. What do you guys think?

And so... yeah. That's what's going on with that. xD

As far as school goes, it's going alright. The only class I'm having trouble with is AP Physics C, because it's almost 100% self study/teach. ;A; B-BUT I'LL MAKE DO WITH IT...

I also need to study for the SAT. orz Yay!

This post probably looks long from all the pictures, so I'll stop. Thanks for reading! :V That's all for now.

Reporting Issue

I've been trying to report someone on theO (I won't mention the username for their safety's sake) for art theft. I know for certain that they're stealing art, because I confirmed it with the original artist on deviantART.

I reported several of the stolen works in their fan art gallary last week, and they're still haven't been taken down. :T
I thought maybe it was too soon for me to expect any results, but previously when I reported artwork it would be taken down in a day or two if I remember correctly. (But idk, my memory is kind of bad. xD) So I re-sent a report message I think on Friday or Saturday on only one of the stolen works.

Do you guys know how long I should wait for the art to be taken down? Is there an average length of time (in days) that it takes? :m I'm just wondering, because I'm not sure if the admins just haven't gotten to my report message yet or if there's some sort of other reason for the art not to be taken down. I was thinking it might've been because the username of the user on theO is very close to the deviantART user's username.

But anyways, yeah. Just wondering if there's a particular time period I should wait for these things to work. xD;

Character Meme that I stole. :m

Mood: Blugh.

I'm taking a break from homework, because it's review that I forgot how to do... ;u; I'll check online how to do it.


ALSO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARE! I can't believe the first day of school was on his birthday. xD; I would hate that.


1) Tomato
2) Stef
3) Gabe
4) Kasey
5) Jo

No Dean or TB... ;u; I was considering it, but then I thought I should include the girls...

1. [4] Wakes up in the morning to find [2] in the same room. What happens?
Kasey: EW, STEFAN!! What’re you doing here?! D:
Stefan: I just came here to pick up the make-up plans you had for Tomato to show to the photographer. :I More importantly, why did I receive such a negative reaction from you…

Kasey doesn’t want old guys in her room. (Stefan’s not that old.)

2. What would happen if [5] was trapped in an elevator with [4]?
Jo: Well. This is a problem.
Kasey: OHMIGOD JO, WE’RE TRAPPED! This totally sucks!
Jo: Yeah, this blows. I’ve got a movie to watch at 3:00…
Kasey: Oooh, which one?
Jo: You know, the one with that one guy and that one girl… about the beach or the horse or something.
Kasey: Ooh, yeah! I wanted to see that. It sounds totally cute!

And I guess they forget they’re trapped for a while, until someone saves them.

3. [1] Has the power to create [5]'s day into anyway they wanted. What would [1] do to [5]?
Tomato: So like, I’d make her have like the best day ever, kay? :D I’ll make her hang out with all her frieeeends, and go to expensive restaurants, but since I’m making all the rules and stuff she doesn’t have to pay for the food and stuff because I said so~ And I’ll also make her go shopping! :DDD At like super expensive stores! For free! And she gets all the clothes she wants!
Jo: (But I’d rather be sleeping… -u-)

5. [2] is cleaning [3]'s house when [2] finds an album of pictures of [2]. What does [3] do?
Gabe: Haha, uh...
I don’t really have a way out of this one, do I? :M;;;
Stefan: YOU DISGUST ME. And so does your room, which I suppose is why I’m cleaning it.

Strangely explanatory at the end. :m
To be fair, Stefan actually does acquire a picture of Gabe from when he used to be an underwear model. (He got it from Jo.)

6. What does [4] do when he/she is alone with [1]?
Kasey: Heeeeey, Tomatomatoma!! Did you hear about (blah blah blah)??
Tomato: Eeek, no way! That’s totally crazy, ‘cause I thought (blah blah blah)!!

I’m exaggerating their dialogue a bit... xD; Kasey’s nickname for Tomato was supposed to be Toma-toma-toma, but now it looks like tomato-mato-ma...

7. If [5] turned out to be an infamous criminal, what is the first thing [5] would do to [1]?
Hm… I dunno. Steal Tomato’s designer clothes? xD

8. [3] Is a history teacher, [2] fails his/her test and [3] had offered to let him/her come in after school. What really goes on after class? Does [2] show up and does [3] teach or leave? Explain!
-Stefan doesn’t show up afterschool to discuss his poor grades, and sees Mr. Gabe the next day in class-
Gabe: *Pretending to act teacherly* Stefan, I am extremely disappointed in you. Tsk tsk. Why didn’t you come to see me after class about your grades?
Stefan: Because I thought it would be unsafe to be alone in a room with you.
Moreover, why are you a teacher? I’m obviously more informed than you are on these topics. In fact, all of my answers were correct! I’m sure of it!
Gabe: Nuh-uh, see? You missed number 1—
Stefan: George Thorogood was not the first president of the United States! It was Washington! Wash-ing-ton!

I don’t think Gabe could ever be a history teacher.
George Thorogood is a singer. He sings WHOOOO DO YA LOOOOOVE?!?!

9. What would happen if [4] was a police officer?
Kasey: Watch out—It’s the fashion police! ;o Sorry ma’am, but your dress isn’t working for you. I’m gonna have ta ticket you.
Lady: ;A;

10. Now [1] thinks that he/she is [3]! How does [1] impersonate [3]?
Gabe: Haha, do I really talk like that? :D
Stefan: Not in the slightest.

11. [2], how shallow do you think [5] is? Either out of 1-10, 1 being not shallow at all, and 10 being extremely shallow.
Stefan: Janet? She’s not very shallow; I would give her a 3.

12. [4] could you tell us your guilty pleasures?
Kasey: Okayokayokay, it’s true… I looove McDonalds. *¬* I know it’s so bad for you, but it tastes sooooo goooood!

13. Okay, now [2] wants [3] be homosexual with another character! Who is the character that [2] chooses for [3]? Does [3] agree or not? (Can be with a character within this meme or another character of yours)
Stefan: Why would I want this? :I Regardless, he’s already homosexual.
Gabe: You’re no fun. >:m
Kasey: Hey hey, if this question wants Gabe to be homo, since he’s already gay does that mean it wants him to be straight? :o Like, it wants him to be the opposite?
Gabe: Gross, I don’t wanna do anything to a girl! D:
Stefan: No Kasey. Unlike how a negative number multiplied by a negative number equates to a positive number, asking a homosexual to be homosexual does not equate to heterosexualism.

Stefan, you talk in too long of sentences.

14. What would it take to make [5] fall in love with [4]?
I think I mentioned in Jo’s profile that it is canon for her to have a crush on Kasey for a minimal amount of time, but she gives up on Kasey because Kasey isn’t biromantic in the slightest.
So I guess it would take Kasey to be interested in girls for Jo to be re-interested in Kasey?

15. Now this meme is over, what will you do?

Yay. -u- I'll talk more about school on the weekend.


Mood: Bored

I thought it was funny. 8D

Yeah. I've been really bored lately. I need to read my books for summer homework. I'm almost done with Wuthering Heights, and Macbeth is pretty short....
Blahhhh. :I

I present to you my sincerest apologies for the sort and unenthusiastic post.

AUSA + Cosplay Plans

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ACGHK! My dad and little sister went to see a Third Eye Blind concert without me!!! ;m; Okay, well... it was after a baseball game, and they didn't know it was going to be there... BUT STILL. THIRD EYE BLIND, THEY'RE LIKE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS AAAAAH...

But anyways. Hello there! :D I know it's kind of early, but I just wanted to tell you guys that Takara and I are going to Anime USA in November. Yaaaay! 8D I kind of wanted to go to Otakon, but IT'S SO EXPENSIVE AS OF LATE... blah. AUSA is much cheaper... though it's not really as big.

I'm thinking of cosplaying again. :U This time, I wanna cosplay as Luli! 8D Even though no one will know who I am... But whatever! IT'S LULI! I even have some plans for how I'm going to assemble the costume. :D
External Image
We'll see if any of this will actually look how I want it to... >w> I have a dress already that I think I can use, but I want to buy the petticoat first to make sure it fits.

It's always been a secret dream of mine to make a Dreams cosplay... xD Ah, it'd be so cool if Takara dressed as Ms. Marigold or Alcott... ;u; But she's not, she's going as Amy Rose. xD Which is cool too. I was originally going to go as Rouge the Bat, but her outfit was too weird for my mom... xDD

Anyways, I have to get ready for the day now. ;o Yeah. Bye! :)