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Name: Akioh Anoiyama
Nickname: Aki
Gender: Girl/Female
Age: 18. GAH. Or I can still pretend I'm vigintillion.
About: Akioh is one or more of the following (depending on what sort of day she's having):: a complete spazz (with two "z"s), an artist, a weird person, And a complete and utter fool.
She also loves old music. If you like oldies, she wants you to be her friend.

TinierMe Name: Akioh

Current Art Trades/Gifts
Something for Cheriblossomchibi, which I have inked but still need to color.

Greetings, and welcome to dream land. What is dream land, exactly? Its actually just where I post what kind of stuff I'm drawing/working on. ^^ I also post recent submissions and such. .3. Why is it called dream land, you ask? Well, cos my username is moonlit dream... and that has the word dream in it.... and this is my world... -_-;; yea. The world name is unimportant. x3
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I'm not tagging. ;3; Naybe later.

1. Quick! Describe your favorite hat!
Well it's black and a fedora... and I think I lost it. ;u; YEAH!

2. What is something that you wish existed?
Oh man, uh... I can't think of anything right now, because I'm pretty content. Um... a glass of juice that never ran out of juice! :M

3. If you could trade places with any character in any series whom would you pick and why?
I've never actually thought about wanting to be a character in a series before. I guess I'd could want to be Phineas from Phineas and Ferb so I could be a genius kid who never goes to school. 8D

4. What's a weird experience that happened to you?
IT HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT I HAVE SKIPPED THIS QUESTION... Actually, I meant to do it, but forgot to come back to it. xD
Okay. Uh... Weird experiences... Yeah, I don't really have too many of those, so... Oh, one time on the 4th of July, my family was watching fireworks. My dad and little sister went to go get something to drink or something, so it was just Takara and me for about 5 minutes. This total stranger random guy then comes up to us and is like, "Yeah, how about those fireworks? Hey, we've got a party going on today, and you could come if you want--" At that point he takes another look at us and realizes we're 14 and 16, and is like, "Oh. Whoa. You guys are just kids. Never mind. You guys are kids. *goes away*"
....YEAH! I guess that's the weirdest experience I've... um... experienced. :m Or slightly creepiest.

5. First fandom?
Idk. Naruto? xD Or Super Smash Brothers.
Actually, Idk what exactly a fandom is... is it just being an active fan for a series? xDDD

6. Stripes, plaid, or polka dots?
Either polka dots or plaid, but I like stripes too. :M Vertical striped collared shirts, striped socks, striped jackets... I like drawing stripes. Or sketching them, at least. xDD

7. Ultimate OTP?
Don't really have one. ;o OHO!
or probably a pairing of my OCs
Actually, CCS Sakura and Syaoran are one of my favorite couples. xD

8. Least favorite character ever and why?
Hm. I used to really dislike Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, but mostly because Takara hated her so much. xDD
OH WAIT, ACTUALLY, IT'S SASUKE. Because Takara would try to get me to have a crush on him or something, and I'd be like, "I DON'T LIKE HIM!" My family still makes jokes like, "You like the SAAAUCE, don't you?" or "The sauce is the boss!" and weird stuff...yeah. She used to try to get me to have crushes on characters. I don't crush on fictional characters. xD;;;
Note: Sauce = Sasuke apparently.

9. Are you allergic to anything?
Not that I know of. Except poison ivy and stuff, but that doesn't count. xD

10. Do you like to write?
More or less. I like to write, but it never reads out the way I hear and see it in my head.

11. If you answered no to the previous question, too bad. Now write me a short story. (Can be serious or ridiculous or whatever)
Dare was sitting on a fence.
A barbed wire fence.
An electric barbed wire fence.
(If those exist, my friend.)
Poor Dare, sitting on that barbed wire fence--
"SHE'S LYING! I'M IN MY BED SLEEPING!" Dare frowned and glared at Akioh.
She typed the words she is typing now, which is "she typed the words she is typing now." She realized then that that sentence could have gone on forever as "she typed the words she is typing now, which is "she typed the words she is typing now, which is "she typed the words she is typing now, which is""..."
But she stopped because she was tired and desired to go to bed.
"Yeah," Dare said in a boringly interesting way. "Sleep time."

Words can make absolutely no sense if you want them to.
"Boringly interesting"....



Mood: Okay

IRRELEVANT TITLE! Glalie is a random Pokemon that's really lame. 8D
I'm going to be talking about random things, today. :D

I watched A Very Potter Musical a couple days ago, on youtube. (I KNOW, REALLY LATE ON THIS OKAY... I Think it came out in 2009? xD; Back when I first joined theO...) Anyways, it was actually pretty funny and the music was very musical-y. :9 (Pointless statement...) I liked the first half of it, more, though.
For some reason, watching that made me imagine OFAV as a musical. xDD (Which wouldn't work at all, considering the LACK OF PLOT...)
In my mind, Stefan had an awesome theater voice. :M (Why?)
Musicals are so fun to watch, though! Show tunes are just fun. :9 Haha. But I love the gesticulation and the general movement that happens on stage. I'd love to draw that kind of animated-ness... but it's too hard to show that in something that doesn't move. xDD

I was thinking about my character Jo today, and decided she's a pretty cool girl. :M Usually I just don't get as attached to my female characters as my male characters. xD Luli, Ms. Marigold, and Gliding Eagle are my favorites of my girls. Michka's up there, too. Loyal kind of confuses me to think about. orz And Kasey... Frankly, I just don't really like Kasey. xDD I made her as the kind of girl that I wouldn't enjoy talking to. (:M;;;) But I don't exactly hate her. xD She's really fun to design clothes for! :D ...but I wouldn't want to talk to her. xD;;;;; I wonder if I had that in mind when I first created her... >3> I decided from pretty much the beginning that she'd be big on celebrity gossip... I don't think Kasey has many defining features. orz Probably because I avoid thinking about her since she's pretty far off from being the kind of person I am.
There's also a huge discrepancy in the ratio of my female characters to male characters. orz I have a couple female characters in Dreams (2 main ones, about 3 or 4 side ones), and quite a few in My Dear Princess (4 of the main characters are girls, which is half of the protagonists)... Over all, I have 15 female characters and 20 male characters (including 4 obscure characters: Jake, Clair, Cassidy Ackart, and Dare's Aunt). But basically, I only draw characters from RB:SI and OFAV... and actually, RB:SI can be limited to A Life Like This, which is basically Dare, Tim, Rick, and Tim's mom Cassidy (I don't draw Clair, Jake, or Dare's Aunt). Which makes the female to male ratio 3 females to 9 males. ACKG... yeah. I think OFAV is the worst offender. There are 6 main boys (including Danny) and 2 main girls. BUH... It's just 'cause there are two boyxboy relationships... xD; I should draw girls more, though. orz
Also, none of the main characters in my stories are girls! O_O My little sister pointed this out, and I never noticed it! Luli and Eagle are main characters in their stories, but the stories really follow Alcott and Kor, who are boys... WEH.

But anyways. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Jo.
I was thinking of Jo today, and decided she's pretty cool. (Yes, I did say that earlier. xD;) I was also thinking of what Jo and Gabe would be like as siblings when the were younger, since I realized I don't really think about that much... I think Gabe would've been an overprotective brother while Jo was in high school. xD; (Why am I talking about Gabe...) Guys used to hit on Jo a lot, because of the way she looks. voluptuous. ._. But Jo's always been pretty good at taking care of things herself, even without Gabe. :m
I also think Jo and Danny are kind of fun to draw. xD Originally, Danny wasn't going to be bi, I think.... He was just going to be this random gay dude just to prove that Gabe does have those kinds of friends. xD; Even after I decided on the possibility of DannyxJo, I REALLY REALLY didn't want to have Danny finalized as one of my characters. (You can read about that here. Wow, I can't believe it's been a year since I made Danny! o_o)
I think the two of them are kind of fun, now. :M Haha. While I have no evidence to back up the next statement... I imagine that with stories involving homosexual characters, the plot line is often where a straight boy/girl develops feelings for a person of the same gender and confusion/hilarity/drama/etc ensues. I made Danny and Jo's relationship to kind of reference/parody that kind of story, where instead of a straight character going gay, I wanted to draw a gay character (Danny) going straight. (I guess. xD; Technically, he's bi.) Kind of random, and probably already done before... but fun anyways. xD
Okay, I'm not talking about Jo at all. What is this. :I
I decided Jo probably respects Stefan as a person. She appreciates a man with integrity. :9 Idk if that's the right word, but whatever. xD Jo and Stefan should talk more! They'd be decent friends! >:M
Yeah, idk what to talk about. Except that I want to draw OFAV comics that aren't 4-panel strips. orz THIS ALWAYS HAPPENS...! It's hard to flow a story well in comic strips. xD But they're fun to draw, anyways... I have to ink the next OFAV strip. It's sketched, but... I'm lazy and busy. orz

OKAY, YEAH... I'm done talking. Sorry if this is long! xD; Thanks for reading! This post feels like it belongs in Various Planning... but it's mostly just random rambling. xD


Mood: Beh.

Weird song. My mom was listening to it in the car. xD

Anyways, my friend said you could see the Dare figure she made me! :)

SO THERE. This was made by the amazing KUCKET. She's also on dA under the same username.
I think the figure is amazing. LOOK, DARE'S ACTUALLY POSING!! 8D

Also guys, I got my pink wig! 8DDD But I'm not showing it to you yet. -u- Hoho. I want to finish my dress first... I'm almost done, I just need to sew some frills on the bottom of the dress, buy/make a red sash, add the corset-ish looking front, make a collar... Okay, maybe I'm not almost done. xD BUT I HAVE A MONTH!

Short update, wooo. :M Yeah.

Some Weird Tan Figure

Mood: Gewd.
Currently working on: I-I DON'T REALLY KNOW ANYMORE...

Hey all! :V Some time ago, Wakusei Aoshi wanted to see this Stefan figurine I made around the same time I made the Gabe figurine. I didn't show it to you guys because it was bad, and his skin came out really tan when I baked it. xD
Once again, sorry for the bad quality pictures.

External Image
This... this just doesn't even look like Stefan to me anymore... it just looks like a really tan guy in a suit with some strange looking sunglasses. xD And no neck. >3>
It's also kind of tiny compared to the Gabe one...
External Image
Blughh. Clay. Not my friend. xD;

ALSO, MY FRIEND MADE ME AN AWESOME DARE FIGURINE FOR CHRISTMAS LAST YEAR! (Which I mentioned before...) But I want to ask her whether or not I'm allowed to post it here, so I can't show you it... yet. ;o Hopefully she'll let me post it. xD

My clay dudes are just kind of hanging out on my nightstand... yeah.

Anyways, have a meme I stole from Kailith. (Every time I read her username, I katakana-ize it in my head and read it as "Ka-i-ri-su"... xD Which is how it would be pronounced in Japanese letters. Idk why I do that, I just do. :m)

- Name: Akioh Anoiyama! It's not my real name, but it's what I go by online.
- Eye Color: My eyes are brown in real life. Apparently, the online character of myself's eyes are green... I always thought they were blue! xD I might be wearing contacts in that drawing, because I was dressed as Sothe... but I don't have any pictures where I colored my eyes in. .___.
- Hair Style/Color: In real life my hair's short (mid-neck) and BLACK APPARENTLY... I always think of it as dark brown. xD It's also really wavy-crazy-weirdness, so I flat iron it. :I My online character has blue hair and a ponytail. xD
- Height: 5'8, I think. :O
- Clothing style: Deliberately boring. ;o Usually just a jacket, t-shirt, jeans, and shoes that look remarkably like Dare's. xD I tend to dress nicer on the weekends because I have more time. But I don't wear make-up.
- Best physical feature: Idk. My hands. Sure.

- Your fears: Scary movies, heights, the dark, random things that I conjure in the middle of the night that freak me out for no reason
- Your guilty pleasure: Blah blah. SHOUNEN-AI. Mostly with my own characters because I can't find any good shounen-ai mangas since most of them get all explicit at some point. :I
/near future

- Your first thoughts waking up: Sleeeep.
Good Day: I'm going to look straight ahead today! SPECIAL DAY. (I don't like looking straight ahead because then I feel obliged to wave at people I know. But I don't like waving because by the time I wave, they've usually already walked past me, and then I feel uncomfortable. BUH. Unnecessarily long.)
Bad Day: WHY IS SCHOOL SO LOUD. EVERYONE. STOP TALKING AAAAAGH. *stares at peoples' feet* (Bah. I know it's not their fault, and it's really a terrible thing to think. xD;;;)
Saturday: I'm going to waste my whole day doing nothing. -u-
- What you think about most: My characters. No doubt about it. Usually Dare, Tim, Rick, Stefan, or Gabe. Hahaha....
- What you think about before bed: Character dialogue. I'M OBSESSED WITH DIALOGUE! I LOVE THINKING ABOUT IT! WHY...
- You think your best quality is: The ability to be extremely boring while still having people think I'm funny. (????????????)

- Single or group dates: Hm... I don't date, but I'd probably prefer to go on a single date if I did date, considering I'm not very good in groups.
- To be loved or respected: Respected. If people think you're awesome, what's the point if they don't respect you and listen to you? (I'm thinking along the lines of how students perceive teachers.) Though I think love and respect can go hand-in-hand, which is usually the best case scenario.
- Beauty or brains: Brains, but being pretty doesn't mean you're not smart.
- Dogs or cats: Cats. OKAY, CATS ARE SO FLUFFY... Dog hair is rougher than cat hair. Sometimes, I don't even know how to pet a dog because some can be energetic. I could pet a cat all day. xD I like both, though. Regardless, I probably won't get a pet when I'm older.

- Lie: I really really try not to, but sometimes I might on accident (as in I say an opinion that I don't believe just to say something, then realize later that it's not really what I agree with.)
- Believe in yourself: Hm... Yeah. Well, depends on the situation.
- Believe in love: Yep.
- Want someone?: In a romantic sense? Not really. It's kind of weird to say you want someone, in my opinion... maybe it's just me, but it sounds on the same level as "I want a new pair of shoes"/etc. xD; I think it's weird to say you want a human. You could want to do something with (be with, hang out with, go out with) said person. That makes sense to me. But wanting someone sounds... weird, even it it's not intended. I'm not trying to be smart here and "point out something inquisitive/whatever", it's just how it sounds to me. :I
/talking about nothing.
Anyways, I'm not really romantically inclined to anyone at the moment.

- Been on stage: Yeah. Orchestra! I was also in a musical in 8th grade, and a play in 2nd grade. 8D
- Done drugs: No. OKAY, I'M PRETTY SURE HEALTH CLASS HAS GIVEN ME DRUG-O-PHOBIA. I don't even like taking medicine. I HAVE NIGHTMARES ABOUT DRUGS. Nightmares about people smoking cigarettes. Why is that a nightmare?!
- Changed who you were to fit in: Haha, I did for an episode in 8th grade. I tried to get into the music/boy talk/etc that my friend were into, but realized that I really didn't care at all about that stuff. In 9th grade I just started doing my own thing. (Which idk, it's not really anything.) But I did have that moment. Some aspects of Tim come from that moment in my life. :o

- Favorite color: Periwinkle! For no real reason, I just chose it when I was real young. xD
- Favorite animal: I don't have one. I used to say "bunnies" because Takara and my other sister already took "cat" and "dog"... xD But I really don't have a favorite animal. I'm not really that into animals.
- Favorite movie: Hm... I'm really bad at favorites. I like movies with Tom Hanks in them! 8D Haha. But for a recent-ish movie, one of my favorites is The King's Speech. Idk, I just really liked it.
- Favorite game: Video game? Um... probably Pokemon. Silver version was my favorite. ;o Haha. But they're all pretty good. :) I like gen 1 to 3 the best, though. Oh, I also love Professor Layton! :D I also like Fire Emblem and the Super Smash Brothers series, but you already knew that. xD

- Day your next birthday will be: I think it's a Thursday...? Yep. It is. April 25th! Yeah.
- How old will you be: 18. UGH, SAME AGE AS DARE...! I think I'll be really freaked out when I turn 31... because I'll be older than Stefan. xD He's my oldest character who isn't a parent. I wonder if I'll still draw Stefan when I'm 31?
- Age you lost your virginity: Haven't yet. Frankly, I'd like to get married first.
- Does age matter: In regards to what? :M;;;;

- Best personality: Um... hm. Well, someone who's not mean is probably the most important thing, as well as truthfulness. Then a sense of humor similar to mine would be good. Then a lack of pervertedness would be nice, but... I get that perverted jokes are funny to some guys. xD;;; SO YOU JUST HAVE TO ACCEPT IT SOMETIMES...
This is random.
- Best eye color: Not brown. Well, light brown is nice. But I think green, brown, and greyish eyes are just cool. ;o But really, it doesn't matter that much. xD
- Best hair color: Eh, I don't care. xD
- Best thing to do with a partner: Idk. Hang out? WHAT DO COUPLES DO?

- I love: drawing my characters. Buhhhh.
- I feel: bloated, because I ate recently.
- I hide: when I play hide and seek. (idk)
- I miss: being carefree.
- I wish: for people to continue being good.

AND... now it's late. xD; YEAH.

Costume Progress

Mood: Good
Currently working on: The next page of OFAV, a pic of Tim and Clair
Recently Added: Gabe of Summer, Hangin' Around

Hey guys! Looks like I just finished my 2nd week of school... which is weird, because it just feels like a continuation of last school year. xD;

But anyways, before that I just want to talk about the progress I've made with my Luli costume. Get ready for some bad-quality, strangely-angled, iPad-taken pictures!
So far, I haven't tailored or added anything to the dress (the most important part...). But I did buy some cool knee-length stockings! :V AND ALSO A PETTICOAT! Which is necessary. The petticoat I got is kind of weird because it's not made out of cloth, so much as synthetic stuff... which idk, it makes it a little uncomfortable to wear. Also, it's a little loose. But whatever, it works and I can keep it up on my body using a belt. :U I've been able to mess around with it and the dress a bit, so I have a general idea of how I think I'm going to fix up the dress.

Here's how the dress I'm going to tailor looks:
External Image
Other than the color, it looks nothing like Luli's dress. xD Which is where the petticoat comes in. The petticoat is supposed to make it puffy like Luli's skirt:
External Image

However, when I simply put the petticoat underneath of the dress, it looked like this:
External Image
Because the dress was form-fitting from the waist to the top of the thigh, the dress kind of squished the petticoat and prevented it from puffing out all the way. It didn't have the right kind of shape.

So I need to pull the dress up from the waist to allow a wider circumference for the petticoat:
External Image
Like this. That way the petticoat puffs from the waist out. Then I'll cut from the bottom up if I need to shorten the length.
By the way, the dress isn't pinned or sewn or anything in this picture. xD; I have a lot of cloth just bunched up in the back. I was holding it together with my fist, but when I let go it just stayed like that.

So that's what I plan to do. :D Hopefully I can start next weekend. I can't pin the dress up on my own, so I'm going to use my friend whose about the same size as me as a mannequin. HOHOHO.

And yeah. I want to finish by Halloween... ;u; Besides what I need for the dress what I have so far are the gloves, hat, and stockings... I still need to buy a wig (which I may do this weekend), shoes, and an umbrella. BUT YEAH! It's getting there... sorta... xD;

By the way, here are my wig options:
[one], [two], [three], [four]
The first one is the most expensive, but it's the one I like the best as far as the color goes. Although, the pigtails are a bit long. Same thing about the pigtails with the second and third ones. The last one is the cheapest and has short pigtails, but it comes from e-bay so it's questionable... and the color is also my least favorite. :T HUM. What do you guys think?

And so... yeah. That's what's going on with that. xD

As far as school goes, it's going alright. The only class I'm having trouble with is AP Physics C, because it's almost 100% self study/teach. ;A; B-BUT I'LL MAKE DO WITH IT...

I also need to study for the SAT. orz Yay!

This post probably looks long from all the pictures, so I'll stop. Thanks for reading! :V That's all for now.